Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Fab Feb Finishes (how alliterative!) :)

Boy I'll be glad to put this big pile of projects away- the stuff has been sitting on my sewing table as I made each piece throughout the month, lol.  I was hibernating from posting, but not from sewing!  I still have a few pictures to take, too, but that'll wait until tomorrow :)

iPad pouches 9.5w x 11t - tutorial here :)

Winnie the Pooh bibs in 2 sizes - these are part of a gift for a baby shower I'm going to on Sunday :D

Pencil case pouch - 9.5w x 5.5t - tutorial here :)

Magazine bag 11w x 13.5t ... pencil pouch 9.5w x 5.5t - tutorial here :)

Boxy bags quad.  Pengies - 7.5w x 3t x 3.5d, skulls 7w x 3t x 4d, green postcards 8w x 3t x 4d :)

Oliver and S bucket hat - tutorial here :)

Earbud pouch - 5" in diameter (increased to 115% of original size) - tutorial here :)

iPad (9.5w x 11.5t) and pencil (9.5w x 5.5t) pouches - tutorial here :)

Skull boxy = 7w x 3.5d x 3t :)

Assorted pouches :D  Tall bag in back = 10w x 9.5t x 3.5d ... denim bag = 7w x 6t x 3d ... blue striped bag = 7w x 5t x 2.5d :)

Tall pouch 10w x 10.5t x 3d :)

Closing down February - YAY :)

This winter has been a long one - February has been interminable - BLECH.  Hubby and I are headed to Florida in a week - I think that's why the last month has been so hard to get through!  Here's a photo from my front steps - I took it this morning when I got up:

Yeah - that's a lot of damn snow - it LOOKS pretty, but in reality, it's very wet and heavy and oppressive!  I can't wait for spring!  Or Florida.  Whichever comes first ;) (SARASOTA HERE WE COME!) :)

Here are some of the projects I finished this month while I was hibernating :D

Boxy bag trio :)  Pinecones - 7w x 3t x 4d.  Guitar - 9.5w x 3.5t x 4d.  Purple floral 11w x 3.5t x 5d.  (Inches, not cms, lol).

Earbud pouches - about 5" in diameter (I increased the size to 115% to make them easier for me to sew).  Tutorial here :)

Skull tall pouches :D  These ones measure 10w x 10t x 3.5d :)

Drawstring gift bag for Christmas - unlined - fabric was a remnant (Joanns probably) - 20w x 19t :)

Aaaaaaaah I love Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew - she provided us with a lovely free tutorial for these bags, and then further sizing information so we could make them in multiple sizes.  I'm addicted!  The larger ones measure 10.5w x 11.5t and the smaller ones are 9.5w x 5.5t :)

Santa Sack - shhhhhhhh don't tell Maddie what's coming!  Tutorial here :D

More photos to come :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam ...

Just a little something-something I put together today - not stressing, not worrying, just playing :D  I started appliquing it tonight onto a light blue background - you can see the backing fabric right beside Mr. Roboto :D 


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