Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Fab Feb Finishes (how alliterative!) :)

Boy I'll be glad to put this big pile of projects away- the stuff has been sitting on my sewing table as I made each piece throughout the month, lol.  I was hibernating from posting, but not from sewing!  I still have a few pictures to take, too, but that'll wait until tomorrow :)

iPad pouches 9.5w x 11t - tutorial here :)

Winnie the Pooh bibs in 2 sizes - these are part of a gift for a baby shower I'm going to on Sunday :D

Pencil case pouch - 9.5w x 5.5t - tutorial here :)

Magazine bag 11w x 13.5t ... pencil pouch 9.5w x 5.5t - tutorial here :)

Boxy bags quad.  Pengies - 7.5w x 3t x 3.5d, skulls 7w x 3t x 4d, green postcards 8w x 3t x 4d :)

Oliver and S bucket hat - tutorial here :)

Earbud pouch - 5" in diameter (increased to 115% of original size) - tutorial here :)

iPad (9.5w x 11.5t) and pencil (9.5w x 5.5t) pouches - tutorial here :)

Skull boxy = 7w x 3.5d x 3t :)

Assorted pouches :D  Tall bag in back = 10w x 9.5t x 3.5d ... denim bag = 7w x 6t x 3d ... blue striped bag = 7w x 5t x 2.5d :)

Tall pouch 10w x 10.5t x 3d :)


  1. oh, I see some new cute embellishments you are making!

  2. hmmmmmm you may need to pick up some more zippers......just sayin :)

  3. All of them the way :)

  4. Wow you're amazing. Thanks for the tutorial links, I especially liked the one for the hat.

  5. Hi Sandra,
    So many lovely projects and you know....
    I have twigged onto something....I think
    you're a material hoarder!!! lol. I have
    noticed all the lovely different fabrics
    you have used. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. You have been super busy, Sandra!!! Love the fabric you've chosen for the earbud pouch!!!

  7. Great projects as always. I especially love the orange floral you used on the ear bud case, iPod case and pencil case. It just speaks of spring and newness.

  8. Oh my gosh!!! More cute!!!! I think you might be the fastest sewer I know. Seriously!!!!!!


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