Saturday, March 2, 2013

Insert witty post title here :)

I'm with Wendy - it's hard coming up with post titles - sometimes no title is the BEST (easiest) title, lol! Here are a few projects I've finished in the last couple of days - most of the baskets are heading to their new home tomorrow so I had to get them done and photographed before they left :)  One of my SIL's requested a pink measuring tape bag to give to her daughter's daycare girl - I found some really pretty pink fat quarters in stash and finished 2 bags - one for the little girl, and one for Blue Hills :)  Except for a few scraps, those FQ's are now history --- 2 down, ??? to go ;)

Measuring tape (mtape) boxed bottom bags :)

The current UFO I'm working on -- it's the first one on the list of UFO's I want to finish this year, and the third one I've worked on so far in 2013 :)  I've stitched all the blocks together, and will be trying a new technique for the border :)

Fabric baskets 5.5" x 5.5" x 3.5" --- tutorial here :)  These are gifts :) I used the sizing from the tutorial, but added handles so all the kids can tote them around - even the babies :)

More fabric baskets - tutorial from Pam @ Threading My Way - these ones are gifts and will be delivered to the general vicinity of the recipients tomorrow (meaning most of them are going to Nonna, LOL) :)
I was able to cut 4 baskets from each of the 2 outer fabrics and the lining, so I have 2 more kitted to sew later.  Very cute tutorial - quick and easy!  These have Warm and Natural batting inside to give them some body, and I added handles (cut 4" x 10", but I think 4" x 9" will be better next time) :)


  1. Love your projects, am going to check out the fabric baskets for Easter for the grandies. I'll post my pic on Monday when Brad goes to work, he's only home for a few days...Hugs, Mickie

  2. The post title should be, "Producing Prodigious Amounts of Products Per Usual!" Had to fit in the alliterative wording that you do so well;-)

    Love ALL your fabrics here!

  3. Everything looks beautiful as usual but my favourites are the baskets. Love the colours.

  4. Oh, they look fabulous with the handles added, Sandra!!! I especially like the ones in the striped orange fabric. Thanks for the link back. Would you mind if I used one of these photos, with a link back to you, of course, in a post featuring projects made with my tutorials? Nonna is lucky to have you sewing for her.

    1. Finally got around to the post... only took 3 months

  5. I'm with you! I think we should boycott titles... lovely work, as always Mrs Sandra! Sorry, I mean Gedeo.

  6. Oh my! You've even thrown in a quilt this time. I love those little fabric baskets. Everything looks wonderful =D


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