Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The camera is working overtime :D

Today I'll be working with the red/white maple leaf fabric - I want to make a quick tote for our Florida trip.  While trying to fall asleep last night (hubby was snoring like crazy, and because he hurt his back, I couldn't poke him to make him to roll over!) I came up with an idea for the pockets - will try it out today :D   P.S. I ended up sleeping in the spare bedroom to get some peace and quiet, lol.

Here are a few more recent finishes :)

A second lemons pouch set - iPad and pencil pouch size - tutorial by Kristin Link/Sew Mama Sew :)

Boxy bag - 8"w x 4"d x 3.5"t :)

4 iPad pouches - tutorial by Kristin Link/Sew Mama Sew :)

4 earbud pouches - these (gifts) are going to Florida with me :D


  1. Hope the hubster is better for the trip. Better get yourself some earplugs! Love those lemons and oranges bags!

  2. Wow you are working overtime gal! These are great projects, loved yesterday's too :) Way to go to get all these done before you leave! Whew! :) Hugs, Mickie

  3. Hope the hubs feels better FAST! Bad backs are the worst! You really are the zipper queen aren't you?

  4. You have a real assembly line going on over there... amazing!!! Hope the bad back is back to normal before the trip... and that sleeping returns to normal.

  5. Holy hanna, Sandra... it's not just the camera that's working overtime. It looks like you're working overtime too! You're going to need the vacation in Florida to rest up!

  6. I'm loving all of your zipper pouches! Go girl!!! Sew sew sew =P


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