Friday, March 29, 2013

A mish mash post :)

Apparently people need help figuring out what the marks on a measuring tape represent.  Those darn measuring tape designers - drawing the lines in Sanskrit instead of English!  63 repins so far ... I'm flabbergasted that there are that many people that need help figuring out a measuring tape.  FLABBERGASTED! 

While we were in Florida we decided to try some turducken @ the Alpine Steak House :)  Was it good?  Yes.  Would I order it again? No.  It was OK, but not really anything special.

It pretty much just tasted like turkey - it didn't jump up and scream +DUCK! +CHICKEN!  at me.  I'm very glad I tried it though - now I can cross that off my bucket list ;)

Here are a few projects I've finished since we got back from vacation - most of these are going to Blue Hills :)

Orange blossom pencil pouches :)

Veggie pencil pouches :)

Front zip pouches :)

Earbud pouches :)

Threading My Way fabric basket (with handles added) :)

Santa Sack :)

Blasted pouch - this is the twin of the one that drove me to a temper tantrum the other day!  IT went into the garbage - this one worked out fine, lol.

iPad and pencil pouches :)

Pencil pouch and business card holder :)


  1. and did you see this comment:

    Now, for the other side of the tape, for centimetres? Is there one like it for this? I need this also!

    seriously??? what is wrong with these people??

  2. Do you ever sleep, Sandra??? They all look great, but my favourite is the Blasted Pouch. Thanks for the link back.

  3. Oh, you been busy! I always wondered about those numbers .-) So strange to me.

  4. You're just back and you've made all those!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!! The mash potato and gravy made me laugh, mu son and hubby pile their mash into a mountain like that then make a hole in the center and pour in their gravy. This is the first time I've seen it done like this by anyone else. LOLL

  5. Adorable!!! Adorable!!! Adorable!!! I'm so happy to see you putting your zippers to good use already =D chicken and duck huh? hmmmmm.... =P


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