Sunday, March 3, 2013

On the fly ...

Quicky Easter drawstring gift bags :)
Headed out to a baby shower so will be spending time with hubby's family today.  Got some little Easter gifties ready to take to Nonna to give to the kids in time for Easter (we'll be away for half of March so I wanted things done early).  Last night while I was sleeping I came up with a quick and easy way to wrap the gifts, and this morning I whipped up 4 simple drawstring bags from a $ store vinylish Easter tablecloth I had in the china cabinet :)  Ta DA!  Ta DONE! 


  1. Hey- them's cute !!! Great idea for wrapping. Hope you-all had a wunnerful day.

  2. You are amazing with the number of things you make, Sandra!!! Now you do know that sleeping is for sleeping and resting the brain, not thinking... LOL!!! Cute little bags...

  3. You clever girl! They are great! :) Hope you had a fun day!
    Hugs, Mickie

  4. Hi,
    I am Mickie's friend, she's helping me learn to create a blog, and we found you!!!!
    Love your site, love your projects. Pam

  5. What a great idea, using stuff you already had around the house! And they turned out soooo cute.


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