Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back from Florida ... and a discovery

Our new friend Conchy :)
Had a great time in Pennsylvania and Florida - spent time visiting family and friends, and met some long-time internet sewy buddies as well :)   We were away for 2 weeks, so I was VERY glad to get home to my boys and house!  Wasn't very impressed leaving sunny weather and then driving through a major snowstorm in PA, then cold (but less snowy) weather in NY and here in Ontario - BRRRRR! 

Sarasota Kennel Club - I won $67.50!
Took a few days to clean the house and unpack, and then started to organize my fabricy
-crafty  purchases.  It'll take a while to get it all put away - I'll just do it bit by bit.  I'll have to post a picture of my zipperS purchase ;) 

The beach @ Siesta Key :)
Sat down at the sewing machine today but it was one of those days  where nothing goes right - it ended in a very juvenile (but cathartic!) temper tantrum in my basement - thankfully I was alone!  I discovered that when you're that far into the abyss, you can turn on the shop vac to vacuum the floor and your screaming will be completely covered by the noise of the motor - BRILLIANT!  Threw the project in the garbage and came upstairs to start supper - hopefully THAT goes better :D


  1. Good the hear that you had a fun time on your Florida vacation!

    I had one of those sewing disasters recently. It's been a long time since I've been completely defeated by a sewing project, but both the fabric and the pattern ended up in the garbage. I tried for three days to come up with a fix for how stupidly the pattern had been constructed but nothing I tried would work. That's why the pattern hit the garbage too!

  2. Welcome back! I was sure you enjoy your trip so I'm not surprised. Looking forward to see your zippers and fabrics and all that, lol.

  3. So glad you made it home safely (with your zippers)! Can't wait to see what you bought :)

  4. it's great to have you back! I look forward to a rant post about your disaster (please, I love rant posts!)

  5. I want to pin that little guy but don't know how! Well, I'll figure it out.

    I, too, had a sewing mess-up recently that hit the can. After carefully embroidering a piece (fortunately a small bit), I cut the top fabric while trying to trim the interfacing. Try, try, again, I guess.

  6. Welcome back!

    That beach looks so inviting... good thing I don't live closer because I would've tried to stow away for your trip south. Spring here has been more like winter than Jan. and Feb. Bleh! ;o)

    Good tip for when I need to drown out a tantrum... lol... You are a hoot, Sandra!

  7. Good to have you back Sandra. Scream away, we all have those moments and I'm sure it will pass soon and you'll be back to making your beautiful collections again.

  8. I need to have one of those tantrums :D Glad you are home safe and sound :) We sure missed you!
    Hugs, Mickie


  9. So glad you (and your zippers) made it home safely! Looks like you had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see your new fabrics!!!

  10. Welcome back!!!! I can't wait to see all of your new purchases =D Oh gosh...just look at that beach picture!!!!


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