Thursday, October 19, 2017

I'm pleased with this one as well :D

(hehe topic is a reference to this post :D)

Today I used some more teacup fabric from Mickie and Carol, and made this simple pencil case :)

Teacup pencil case, measures 11" wide X 5" tall.  The back is 2 more framed teacups (but with different frame colours).

What's a good side to go with a cup of tea?  A slice of cake, of course!

I used a long zipper for the bag, so some of the extras became the grab tab :)

I do love sewing ... and now whomever is gifted the bag (it's going to the counselling center), will KNOW that I Love Sewing :)

Pretty polka dot lining - this isn't the same polka dot print from this bag - this one is a bit more turquoisey - it still works nicely :)
This pretty finish will be going to the counselling center when I get a few more items made - and ... it's being posted to Bag It 2017 (hi Patty!) as my entry #23 :)  Oh - if you want some awesome inspiration - check out the linky party for the challenge - I've already found several new blogs to follow, and some patterns to check out :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm very pleased with this finish :)

It's just a simple bag, but the fabrics are sweet and pretty, and they were gifted to me by a long-time friend (hi Mickie!) and a new friend (hi Carol!) when hubby and I visited Mickie and her husband Brad in Pennsylvania this summer :)  Mickie and Carol gave me a huge amount of fabric and scraps (oh my, the fun of going through boxes of fabrics!) for my donation sewing, and bit by bit, I'm starting to use up the goodies :)  There are more bits of the teacup/floral print I used for this bag, but this is my first finish from that line :)  Mickie, Carol - I hope you like what I've made - it'll be going to the counselling center soon :)

Finished bag measures 6"tall x 8.5" wide (bottom) X 12.5" wide (top) X 3.5" deep :)

The "handmade" ribbon stitched onto the front :)

Acrylic teardrop zipper pull :)
Bag bottom - blue polka dot fabric (from Walmart in the States - I need more of this because it's a beautiful shade of blue) :)  You can't tell in the photo, but I managed to stick my pressing tool (aka a broken handle-less wood rolling pin, LOL) into the bottom of the bag as I was working, so I could press it and get a nice crisp seam :)

This blue polka dot lining works beautifully :)

This bag is going to be posted to Bag It for 2017 ... my 22nd entry - I'm on a roll!  :)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Tugger 10 :D

I've been busily working on finishing up collections of scraps that I've collected over the years ... mostly left over from projects I made and donated.  Here's the latest collection to be completed, and since the bags were made within the appropriate timeframe, they all qualify as entries for Patty's Bag It for 2017 :)

Presenting ... the Tugger (that's the name of the line of fabrics) Ten :D

Tugger Blue - 2 boxy bags and an earbud pouch :D

Tugger Red, with one boxy, 3 flex frame bags and one earbud pouch :)

Last, but not least, Tugger Yellow, with a regular zippy and a boxy bag :)
This set of bags is headed straight to Blue Hills - the fabric features jeep looking vehicles (I have no idea what movie they might be from) which I think will suit some young lads or lasses nicely :)   This set used up a nice amount of stash fabric and 7 stash zippers - not bad!  :)  My bag count for Bag It 2017 has now increased to 21 - also not bad!  ;)

... photo collage for linky thumbnail :D

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A wee preview ... and some other stuff :D

This is what I have on my sewing table right now - can you figure out what I might be making?  :)  Hint - it's Halloweeny, and a very quick sew :D 

Here are a few Halloween goodies I've finished in the last couple of days - I needed to put a rush on them so I can deliver them to the recipients' grammie this coming weekend when we go home for Thanksgiving with my family :)

Halloween Trick or Treat tote - side 1.  Tote measures 15" wide at the top, 15" tall, and 5" deep.  The fabric is glow in the dark (at least - the package SAID it was - I haven't really tested it!)

Trick or Treat bag - side 2 

Close-up of the skeleton side

Close-up of the skull side

Two Halloween trick or treat bags - the one on the left (9"w X 9"t X 4.5" deep) is the "reject" because I had a brain fart while sewing, and cut the lining the wrong size.  I didn't notice until I was finished, and the lining doesn't fit nicely inside.  This was to be a gift, so I made another one - the one on the right (9 1/2"w X 8"t X 5" deep) - this one worked out much nicer, so it can be gifted :)  

This is the little guy that resulted from the ingredients in the first photo :D  His little spider taggy body measures about 7" across, and the ribbons are slightly gathered, which gives them a bit of texture.   The Crazy Flamingo Lady mug is a gift from my sister (hi Sherry! See you on Saturday!) - I thought it would make a great stand for Spidey, since it's going to her youngest grandson for a Halloween gifty :D

Happily for me, the bonus for my Halloween sewing is that several of these bags qualify for Bag It @ Elm Street Quilts (hi Patty!) :)  The large Halloween tote and the two little baskety bags qualify and will be uploaded to the linky party -- and now my count of bags entered, is 11!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bag It 2017: playing in my scrap boxes :)

I decided to finally start working on using up some of my beloved fabric scraps.  I love scraps - I think they're pretty, like jewels :)  I store mine in plastic salad containers, sorted by colour :D  Here are the bags I've completed so far ...

Zipper bags from The Bin of Brown ;)

This is the back of the bags - most are pieced, and all are quilted :)

Playing around with my red and pink bins :)

Pieced backs :)

The embellishment on these is very simple - the first ones are quilted (on batting) with buttons added for bling.  Then I started to use the blocks from 101 Crazy Quilt Blocks (Linda Causee) stitched onto muslin (no quilting) - on those, I stitched a row of decorative stitching onto the edge of each new piece as it was attached.  Buttons were added to these as well as a quick little decoration, and to try to use up some of my extensive button stash :D  Of course, I have enough zippers to do as many zipper pouches as I could sew in a lifetime ;)  These bags are all being donated.

Happily, all 6 of them qualify for Bag It as they were made after the start of the event, so they've been posted here :)  That makes 8 bags posted so far :D

Monday, October 2, 2017

What do Bag It 2017 and a bra have in common? :)

THIS!  I just finished this boxy bag - it worked out quite well - this fabric is adorable, lol.   It finished to 9" wide x 4" deep by 3.5" tall (my quilted outer was cut to 14w x 16t) - just right for some pretty lingerie or some bubble bath and chocolates :D  It'll be sent on to Blue Hills - I'm sure someone will be happy to get it :)

Here are a few detail pics:

In case you don't know what a bra is - this fabric explains it for you! ;)

I use prairie points for the grab tab on both ends (to make the bag easier to zip and unzip) - I decided to add a bit of bling to them this time, and I quite like the finished look :)

Could I have found a more perfect charm for the zipper pull?  I THINK NOT!  :)

 This is bag #2 I'm posting to Bag It @ Patty's site -- check out the other bags here!


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