Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm very pleased with this finish :)

It's just a simple bag, but the fabrics are sweet and pretty, and they were gifted to me by a long-time friend (hi Mickie!) and a new friend (hi Carol!) when hubby and I visited Mickie and her husband Brad in Pennsylvania this summer :)  Mickie and Carol gave me a huge amount of fabric and scraps (oh my, the fun of going through boxes of fabrics!) for my donation sewing, and bit by bit, I'm starting to use up the goodies :)  There are more bits of the teacup/floral print I used for this bag, but this is my first finish from that line :)  Mickie, Carol - I hope you like what I've made - it'll be going to the counselling center soon :)

Finished bag measures 6"tall x 8.5" wide (bottom) X 12.5" wide (top) X 3.5" deep :)

The "handmade" ribbon stitched onto the front :)

Acrylic teardrop zipper pull :)
Bag bottom - blue polka dot fabric (from Walmart in the States - I need more of this because it's a beautiful shade of blue) :)  You can't tell in the photo, but I managed to stick my pressing tool (aka a broken handle-less wood rolling pin, LOL) into the bottom of the bag as I was working, so I could press it and get a nice crisp seam :)

This blue polka dot lining works beautifully :)

This bag is going to be posted to Bag It for 2017 ... my 22nd entry - I'm on a roll!  :)


  1. I love that teacup fabric and the blue polka dots!! Such a cute bag!

  2. You're right! Very sweet fabric! Very cute bag!

  3. Beautiful bag! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  4. Cute bag Sandra! Sounds like you have given that broken rollling pin a whole new lease of life :)

  5. Love this fabric and the blue polka dots on the bottom is such a cool idea.

  6. It looks wonderful! I can't believe how straight you got the teacups to go! Those clear lines are so intimidating to me. The accent fabric is perfect with this and so is that adorable pull! Hugs!

  7. Yes you are on a roll! And so am I. I too have been sewing a lot of bags, as you have seen. Love the pouch and the teacup fabric and the polka dot fabric and the handmade ribbon label! Where did you get that ribbon label?

  8. Such a beautiful way to pass on a blessing!!!

  9. So many kind people out there! You all make such a difference to people's lives!


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