Thursday, October 19, 2017

I'm pleased with this one as well :D

(hehe topic is a reference to this post :D)

Today I used some more teacup fabric from Mickie and Carol, and made this simple pencil case :)

Teacup pencil case, measures 11" wide X 5" tall.  The back is 2 more framed teacups (but with different frame colours).

What's a good side to go with a cup of tea?  A slice of cake, of course!

I used a long zipper for the bag, so some of the extras became the grab tab :)

I do love sewing ... and now whomever is gifted the bag (it's going to the counselling center), will KNOW that I Love Sewing :)

Pretty polka dot lining - this isn't the same polka dot print from this bag - this one is a bit more turquoisey - it still works nicely :)
This pretty finish will be going to the counselling center when I get a few more items made - and ... it's being posted to Bag It 2017 (hi Patty!) as my entry #23 :)  Oh - if you want some awesome inspiration - check out the linky party for the challenge - I've already found several new blogs to follow, and some patterns to check out :D


  1. More wonderful teacups! Love them!

  2. I should use those short extra zipper ends! Great idea.

  3. Very nice, Sandra! You make a lot of people happy with your love of sewing!

  4. It is so you to have a cake zipper pull just waiting to be matched up with the teacup fabric :)
    Love the zipper surplus as a grab handle!

  5. You continue to impress with all the fun little extras. Cake zipper pull is perfect here and the zip pull rocks! Must figure that one out. (That looks much nicer than admitting to outright stealing ideas, doesn't it?)👝👝👝

  6. Absolutely darling Sandra, and I love the extra touches you put into everything. They add so much and make your sewing that much more special.

  7. Lovely bag and fun idea to use the extra zipper bit. Thanks for linking up to the Elm Street Quilts Bag It event.

  8. I agree with the other comments but have to confess my first reaction was mmmmmmm tea and cake mmmmmmmmm xxx

  9. This is great! The cake goes perfectly with those tea cups. I'm sure someone at the counselling centre will love tea and cake and sewing too :)

  10. Oh, the perfect zipper pull. You seem to have just the right zipper pull for every fabric. Great way to add a grab tag using the zipper.


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