Saturday, November 4, 2017

4 of 20 - more denim completions :D

These bags were completed in July so they don't count for Bag It - I took the pictures a while ago, but wasn't organized enough to get them posted.  These were simple and quick finishes, and have already been shipped to the counselling center.  See the clips in the photos?  Those are jumbo clips (a no name version of the Wonder Clips) that I got from Amazon a while ago - they're longer than the Wonder Clips, which is making them very useful for assorted and sundry tasks in the sewing room :)  They even have a tiny hole in the back at the top, which means I can hang them from a pin on my design wall, and use them as a clip!  (Thanks to my friend Nancy for pointing that out - I hadn't realized until she told me :D)

(A running total of the jeans upcycle finishes = 8 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 26 finishes from 4 pairs :D)


  1. You are getting great value out of those jeans Sandra, your boys will be hiding theirs from your beady eyes to stop them disappearing into the sewing dungeon :)

  2. I love your bags! Yeh for these wonder clips! Carol and I miss you!

  3. I should get some of those longer clips. Love the look of them spread put like confetti for your photo shoot. It's ugly rainy skys here today ( sunday). I'm hoping to get my gingham quilt spray basted so I can start hand quilting it.


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