Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Finally - a New to Me project :D

I try to participate in Fiona's monthly New to Me linky party, but haven't had a new to me item in months - until today!  As soon as I saw this bag posted at the designer's site, I knew it was a Must Do, and today I Must Did :)  I actually cut out 3 of them using 3 prints in the same line of fabric, so I'll end up with 3 bags, each a bit different.  For today, though, I'm happy to have the first one ready to post to November's New to Me - Fiona I finally made it to your party - where do I leave my coat, and where are the snackies??!!  ;)

 Presenting ... Tiny Bag #1, designed by Caroline at :)  It's a quick project, and very small.  I generally use WOWFIHOTSMAAGT (width of whatever foot I have on the sewing machine at any given time) for  a seam allowance, so my bag may be a bit smaller than the original.  Mine measures about 8" wide x 4.5" tall x 3.5" wide :)  Aren't the straps adorable?  Tutorial is here :)

 Here's a side view showing that the boxed corners and the side of the front pocket.  There's a pocket inside as well :)

Not surprisingly, I have pirate charms for the zipper pull - I bought them on Ebay a while ago to use on these pirate prints.  I still have more bags kitted ready to sew, and each of them will have a pirate zipper pull because that's how I rock :D 

Since I had time to myself today I got cracking on a Christmas gift - this wallet is part of the gift.  I've made several of these for gifts and to donate to the counselling center - the pattern is quick to make up, and very practical, with lots of pockets (including a zippered pocket - very important for holding coins!).  Tutorial is here :)

Here's the inside of the wallet - zippered pocket on the left, credit card pockets on the right, slidey-in pockets behind the actual pockets and a money pocket behind all of those pockets - lots of storage ;) 

I didn't have a small train charm for the zipper pull, so I used a gear charm :D  It's nice and flat so it sits well in the wallet :)

A few days ago I whipped up a couple of Magic Pouches to finish off some fabric remnants (the pink bags).

Today I finished up the last one I had kitted - the blue/purple bird print.  3 Magic Pouches to add to my completed list, and all of them are going to the counselling center.  Bonus for me, the Tiny Bag and the 3 Magic Pouches all qualify for Patty's Bag It, and I'm headed over there in a minute to upload a picture :D  Turn on the porchlight, Patty - I'm headed your way!  ;)


  1. That tiny bag is adorable! It'd be great from some tiny little hands to use to carry a few toys around it!

  2. Gee, you were quick making Caroline's Tiny Bag. It looks great in the pirate fabric - and that charm is just perfect. Someone is going to be very happy!

  3. I saw that tutorial for the tiny bag and yours came out so cute. I could make the exact same bag as you did Sandra because I have that same blue pirate fabric and a red pirate print plus a red pirate coordinating pirate stripe fabric too that shows a touch of the map fabric as part of the stripe. But I don't have the map fabric. Love your charms and the wallet and smaller pouches too.

  4. Love that bag and the tiny bag is fab! Only my Sandra could have a pirate charm to go along with the fabric! Love ya gal!

  5. You are so far ahead of me in # of bags made, it doesn't even hurt anymore. Love the boys wallet. And all the perfect zipper charms.

  6. All are so pretty! Of course your stuff always is eye candy. The most I've gotten done in the sewing department is a button sewn on and putting together a new storage unit for my thread. No actual work is taking place. Other things just keep sucking up all my time lately. Good thing I have your stuff to look at!

  7. Wonderful pouches and your tiny pirate bag is adorable :)

  8. Wow! I love all of your bags and will check out the tutorials, but I’m especially pumped about the wallet tutorial. A new wallet is the first thing my daughter asked me to make for her when I arrived! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, these are super cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorials and patterns, I am heading over to those sites to check them out.

  10. Love love LOE the technical accurately measured foot width (WOWFIHOTSMAAGT )!!!! So glad I'm not the only one! You must have more bags than *anyone* else in bag it !!!

  11. The tiny bag is wonderful Sandra, what a great advert for that pattern!


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