Monday, November 6, 2017

Bags, but not Bag It bags. Oh - and other things :)

Lost in the depths of the interwebs - these are finishes from the summer - August and September.  Some of them may have been finished within the Bag It 2017 timeframe, but I didn't keep track of the dates so I'm not going to enter any of them.  Better safe (and following rules) than sorry (and cheating!) :)  The bags did have happy endings though - most were donated, and the ones that weren't donated, were gifted :)

Some more of my Magic Pouches - the skeletons, flamingoes and one of the race car bags are being donated to Blue Hills ... the bird bag and one of the car bags are gifts :)

Pirate pillowcases (were donated)

Pirate zipper pouches (were donated)
Hehehe a close-up of the skull zipper charm I used for these pirate pouches :D

Two Magic Pouches - frogs (the fabric is quite stunning in person - really rich looking) and the last racecars pouch I finished from the fat quarters from Sew Sisters.  These were all donated :)

Boxy bag and Art Case (donated)
The art case was inspired by one I saw online (I don't even remember where) - I modified it to work with school suplies (pencil crayons etc.).   It has 4 pockets (3 regular, and one zippered) and was shipped off to Blue Hills where I hope it was gifted after someone tucks some art supplies inside :)  I bought some during the back to school sales but I ended up giving them to some sweetie neighbour kiddos and all I have left is crayons, lol.

A bloggy buddy gave me a bag of scraps - I'm embarrassed to say that it had to have been several years ago - maybe 3 or 4?  I finally dug the bag out and used everything up (except for a few tiny pieces, which then went into my scrap bins).  Here we have a regular zippy bag, a Bella clutch (top right - my first one!), and a humbug/triangle type bag (front).  
More scrappy bags - a regular zippy and a flex frame bag :)  It really shouldn't take years to finish up fabric that was gifted - I did have good intentions, but my execution was pretty slow!


  1. I love your bags and zipper pulls!
    So where DO you find all those incredible pulls!?
    So many I see are too large.

  2. Wow!Sandra that is an impressive collection of bags, your sewing machine must be smoking :)
    I love the animal print boxy pouch, I bet the eventual recipient was delighted to receive it.

  3. Do you ever sleep? You have been super busy. Love the scrappy bags in particular. Bet it feels good to have used most of them.


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