Sunday, November 5, 2017

Denim finishes from the summer (#'s 5 and 6 of 20)

Oh my - it seems like so long ago that I was taking pictures outside on the clothesline in the summer - I can't believe it's November already!  At least we haven't had snow yet :D  These groupings are from pairs 5 and 6 of the 20 pairs of jeans I'm upcycling :D  (None of them  count for Bag It as they were completed prior to the event starting)

Pair #5 of 20 - 5 bags and 2 wallets = 7 items completed of the 5th pair of jeans -  they've already been sent to the counselling center (except the boxy bag, which wasn't up to snuff imho :D).

Regular zippies

More regular zippies - in the one on the right you can see where the original jeans pocket was removed so I could reuse it, lol.  The back has the same dark pocket shaped spot :D

Superhero (lining fabric) wallets from this tutorial :) 

Denim boxy bag - I used the technique here to create a boxy bag with no raw edges inside.  It did NOT go well.  It worked, but was really fiddly (frustrating!), and the lining is all lumpy and bumpy and doesn't seat well.  It doesn't look horrible - it just doesn't look as nice as I want my bags to look.  This one isn't even going to get donated to Blue Hills - it's headed to the thrift store - hopefully a non-sewer won't mind the kerfluffley lining :D

Next up - 6 of 20 - 6 completions - 5 bags and one apron :D

3 earbud pouches and 2 zippies :D

Close-up of the cute zipper pull on one of the bags - it's probably a character from Disney or ?? but I'm not familiar with all the new shows so I don't know what his or her name is :D  Note the size tag beside it, salvaged from the jeans, lol.
The last item finished from the 6th pair of jeans is the apron second last from the right - the one with the blue/yellow/black Batman pocket :)   This picture may already have been posted in the summer so sorry if it's a repeat - I guess I didn't get a solo picture of the apron for the denim project - mea culpa :D
Current count for denim completions:  8 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 39 finishes from 6 pairs of jeans :D


  1. All your denim goodies are wonderful! Way to reduce, reuse, upcycle!

  2. Good for upcycling blue jeans! Were these jeans that are from your children that out grew them? Did you put some eyes on the one with pocket removed? The aprons look so pretty hanging on the line. So nice to donate them to a worthy cause too.

  3. Another great haul of pouches from those jeans Sandra. I have always found it difficult to get the lining right in a boxy pouch. I checked out the tutorial you used and it does look fiddly, no photos of the bag inners either so maybe the author had similar problems!

  4. Wow, you have been busy. What a difference the yellow stitching and buttons make on the wallet. Cool idea to add the size tag to the front of the zippie.

  5. I love your projects, especially the aprons! It was a bummer that the boxy bag didn't turn out like you wanted. I love the fabrics you coordinate together. You sure have been productive!!!

  6. Sweet stuff here, lady! Jealous of all your zipper pulls. I needed a couple lately and my supply was wholly inadequate. I had, for some reason, only an abundance of huge pieces. Guess I am gonna need to get my butt over to eBay pronto. I am assuming that your beauties were purchased there. Correct me if I am mistaken!


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