Tuesday, November 21, 2017

'tis the season ... part 2 :D

Well - I got laundry sorted and started, unloaded the dishwasher, made a pan of gingerbread cookie squares, made a pan of simple scalloped potatoes to go in the oven soon, texted back and forth with my SIL, and did some tidying.  What I thought could be done in an hour, took me twice that long, lol.  It doesn't often happen that things get done faster than expected - they tend to take longer!  And life goes on, and we're having scalloped potatoes for supper tonight so YUM :)

Here's the other set of bags I recently completed - these ones too, are from fabric from a friend, but these were quicky projects without a lot of extra bling - I just wanted to get them finished and sent to the counselling center.

Two floral zipper pouches :)

Close-up of the embellishment and zipper pull on bag #1 ... buttons from stash on the contrast band, and a bronze flower for the pull :)  It's quilted with soft golden yellow embroidery thread :D

The second bag is quilted with the same embroidery thread, and embellished with a fabric yoyo and button, and a little birdy zipper pull :)

Bags 3 and 4 are small pouches sized to use up the last bits of the floral fabric.

These ones are embellished with a heart and a flower zipper pull :)

Done and done - a bit of fabric and zipper stash used, 4 more bags done for the counselling center, and 4 more bags that qualify for Patty's Bag It for 2017 :)  Oh yes - and did I mention - scalloped potatoes for supper tonight - LOL!!  (No wonder I'm not skinny - I'm literally sitting here thinking about those cheesey oniony potatoes!)


  1. Very pretty bags. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  2. Great bags! What are gingerbread squares? Must have recipe! We miss you!

  3. Good for you for using up that fabric and making more bags for the center too! You need to reward yourself with a job well done....oh yes you did by having scalloped potatoes!!!! LOL!!! You probably need to sew more as your dinner is cooking, lol! Great motivation, huh?

  4. What a lot of lovely little pouches you have made for the centre - all gorgeous too. Love the button embellishments. xx

  5. Mmmmm, sorry I meant loverly pouches mm
    Scalloped *cheesey*? Potatoes? And gingerbread? Why don't I live nearer????

  6. A fabric yoyo! Looks really good in that fabric. I though it was a jewelry piece. Very nice!

  7. I love how your pouches come in all shapes and sizes! Those potatoes sound delicious, too! I love cheesy potatoes of any sort!

  8. Hiya! Found you from two directions at once! I’ve just linked to Bag It - spotted you there, then realised you visit Benta too!
    Loverly pouches ..... and so many! Love the yoyo too! Is that a straight striped fabric? It looks great!
    Wow, I love gingerbread..... must go find a recipe!
    Nice to meet you,
    Barbara x


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