Friday, May 30, 2014

Cleaning off the desktop photo uploads :D

Here are a few pictures I needed to clear off of my desktop - this is my latest QAYG D9P quilt under construction - I purchased 6 x 1/2 yard cuts of fabric a few years ago, and decided to use them up.  I have 8 of the 9 blocks finished that I need (positions 4 and 5 have 2 blocks each, although it's hard to tell) - once I get the 9th block done I can start the quilting.  I have enough of thefabrics left over to make scrappy binding for the quilt - it'll be toddler size (approx. 50" x 50").  The backing will be that dark pink that makes up the little squares in each block :)

I haven't figured out yet how to do a slideshow, so here are photos of more May finishes - most of these were "use up the last of the fabric" type of projects :D

Tried something new, but it wasn't exactly successful, lol

 This was my first attempt at a boxy bag where the top box was a different width than the bottom one.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, you ask?  LOL this was the tutorial I meant to follow, but after I studied her instructions, I went ahead and tried things on my own without referring back to them.  Consequently, my scale is way off (so is my bathroom scale - it LIES!).  You can't tell from the photo but my sizing just didn't work.  As well, I should have put a tab on both sides of the top boxes like she did - if I had checked her page before sewing, I would have caught that :)  The bag certainly isn't horrid or unusable as I made it, but it's not quite what I wanted, so I'll be trying again :) 

Sorry about the yellowish background on this picture - both were taken at the same time in the basement, but ... ???!!!!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Peony monster :D

A few days ago I posted a sneak peek of the project I was working on - I finished him last night, and today he hopped onto my peony bush for his photography session.  Rather cheeky of him, I'd say!  ;)  His name is Steve - he's named after my neighbour's budgie :)  He was copied from inspired by this post at Mostracci Handmade :)  The denim background is worn out jeans I've upcycled from DS2's worn out work pants - Steve is a green zippy!  ;)  The zipper and lining are royal blue, and he measures 9"w x 6"t - I'm very happy with him, and a girlfriend is forthcoming to keep Steve company :D

Speaking of peony bushes - here's mine - it's late blooming this year due to the dastardly winter we had :D  Another week or two and we'll have beautiful flowers, I'm sure :) 

I'm a terrible photographer I don't have a great camera so I couldn't get a really good close-up of this little guy - this picture of a peony ant is dedicated to Sally and her bumblebee photo :D  She has a better camera than mine, plus she bakes cookies.  Hi Sally!  ;)

Linking this project up to Celtic Thistle Stitches' "New to Me in 2014" May linky party :) 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sneak Peek :)

Here's a little project I started tonight - I pinned the original project a few weeks ago and decided tonight to give it a whirl :D  The denim is upcycled from a pair of our youngest son's worn out work jeans, and the eyes are each 2 pieces - a button with an "evil eye bead" (no affiliation - that's the Etsy store I bought them from) layered on - ever so cute, if I do say so myself!  I have to see if I can find these eye beads in a larger size - these ones are 8mm (about 1/3") which is pretty tiny.  I think 1/2" ones (12mm-ish) would be extra fun!

I'll try to get the project finished tomorrow after my doctor's appointment :) 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mother's Day and beanbags :)

All my boys! 
Mother's Day was celebrated at our oldest son's house - we picked up take-out from Mandarin, and popped over to his house to see his new patio set :)  Great way to spend Mother's Day - other than waiting in a huge line-up for the takeout, I pretty much didn't have to lift a finger the whole day - NICE!  I think it should be a tradition to spend the afternoon at someone else's house - Nick - you're it until Chris gets his own place!  ;) 

Here's another beanbag set I finished this month - I also got the drawstring bags done to hold this set and the one I posted a few weeks ago :)   My favourite anagram for this set is the first one - mimosas!!!!

And here are the beanbags in their nice gift bags - I had a lot of fun making these sets - I think these make really nice toddler/pre-schooler gifts!

Posting to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew (May) :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A friend's win became MY win ... and I'm 12 :)

I got another beanbag set finished - this one will be a Christmas gift. I just need to finish the drawstring bag to hold it - will get that done later. In the interim, I went back to being 12, and played again with the online anagram generator :D If you're surprised by one of the words I left in - you should see the one I LEFT OUT!!!!

Fun with anagrams :)

These are the fabrics on the reverse of the bags :)
A bloggy friend of mine (hi, Vera!) recently won a giveaway from crazy mom quilts.  It turned out that the giveaway was only available for US/Canadian residents, so Vera generously donated her gift to me!  Such a sweet lady :D  I got it in the mail yesterday - its as lovely in person, as it is on the blog!
Photo Source  ... and fabrics from RJR Fabrics :)
The colours are very rich - it's a gorgeous collection.  I'm going to look for some rich floral prints to use these with - I think a quilt is definitely in order with these :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I have cool neighbours :)

My doorbell just rang - when I answered it, there stood my neighbour with a (still warm!) plate of DELICIOUSITY!

Chocolate chip banana muffins, and mint chocolate chip cookies - baked by my lovely neighbour Maria :D
Note to self, and to others:  if you have a neighbour that loves to bake and cook, that's a GOOD neighbour to be friends with ;) NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Anagram time :)

Playing with the beanbags ...

I had fun playing with the online anagram generator, lol.  I'm easily entertained :D  Here's the completed set - a new project for me :)

Drawstring bag (to hold the beanbags) is about 16" x 18", and the beanbags are about 5 1/2" square :)  They have some plastic poly pellets in them for weight, and are stuffed with poly filling.  The letters are from the recipient's name  :)  Did you know our last name is Yolk?   Just kidding!  ;)
Here's a cute little Corvette basket I made to finish up the last of that fabric.  It measures about 8.5" x 4" x 4" :)
I bought some "fancy" carabiners from Ebay - these were about a buck each, IIRC - they're the perfect finishing touch :)  This is going to Blue Hills :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gnomes ... and a free bonus ;)

QAYG D9P quilt finished a few weeks ago.  Backing is the same red as the binding.  This is for a little girl who is turning 3 in the summer :)
 And now a free bonus - for today only!!  It explains well why cats will one day rule the earth ;)  It auto plays music so if you're at work or the baby (or hubby) is sleeping, hit mute first :D

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sneak peek :)

Here's a little preview of the project I'm working on today - I hope to finish it tomorrow :)  It's a birthday gift - I think I may end up making a few sets of these :)


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