Friday, May 30, 2014

Cleaning off the desktop photo uploads :D

Here are a few pictures I needed to clear off of my desktop - this is my latest QAYG D9P quilt under construction - I purchased 6 x 1/2 yard cuts of fabric a few years ago, and decided to use them up.  I have 8 of the 9 blocks finished that I need (positions 4 and 5 have 2 blocks each, although it's hard to tell) - once I get the 9th block done I can start the quilting.  I have enough of thefabrics left over to make scrappy binding for the quilt - it'll be toddler size (approx. 50" x 50").  The backing will be that dark pink that makes up the little squares in each block :)

I haven't figured out yet how to do a slideshow, so here are photos of more May finishes - most of these were "use up the last of the fabric" type of projects :D


  1. LOVE the pink drawstring bag with the green monster!!! That monster deserves his own post. Surely these fab projects must be making a dent in the stash.

  2. that is a lot of projects you haven't showed us, especially considering you show us thousands of things you've sewn each month!! I'm going to nominate you for "most productive sewer" award... as soon as they make one. I love that monster bag, so funny!


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