Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mother's Day and beanbags :)

All my boys! 
Mother's Day was celebrated at our oldest son's house - we picked up take-out from Mandarin, and popped over to his house to see his new patio set :)  Great way to spend Mother's Day - other than waiting in a huge line-up for the takeout, I pretty much didn't have to lift a finger the whole day - NICE!  I think it should be a tradition to spend the afternoon at someone else's house - Nick - you're it until Chris gets his own place!  ;) 

Here's another beanbag set I finished this month - I also got the drawstring bags done to hold this set and the one I posted a few weeks ago :)   My favourite anagram for this set is the first one - mimosas!!!!

And here are the beanbags in their nice gift bags - I had a lot of fun making these sets - I think these make really nice toddler/pre-schooler gifts!

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  1. I definitely agree with spending Mothers Day at someone else's house, no washing or tidying up afterwards!

    Thanks for linking up to Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too :)

  2. That's the perfect Mothers Day... time with family and not having to do anything. The gift bags look great all packed up!!!

  3. Great you had such a nice Mother's Day ! The drawstring bags are really lovely and so are the beanbags. I like the anagrams you make with them and mimosas is my favourite too. It's the name of our street ;-) !!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! bean bags look fun! I love your son's home, looks great! Here's to boys who spoil their Mom's on Mother's day! You rock boys!

  5. I would think "ammo sis" is a bit worrying for the recipient's sister... great set, well done!

  6. I see you had a wonderful mother's day! I've fallen behind on my blog reading but was happy to see all the fun beanbags you've been doing. Great idea to make a bag for holding them. I made some match-up sets a while back. Should have used the pellets instead of just batting which would have made the set double the fun.

  7. It should be mothers day everyday. Glad you enjoyed your day. Do you fill the bean bags with beans or do you use something else. The drawstring bags are perfect for carrying them in.

  8. Love the beanbags & drawstring pouches you've made! Thanks for linking up to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew Party that we're guest hosting this month :) x


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