Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Makers! #32 :)

I'm not starting something new for this week's Monday Makers! - I still need to start (and finish!) the basket set I've been planning for 2+ weeks to get cracking on. The fabric is still hanging, untouched, on a ruler on my sewing table, lol. I did finish all the bunny treat bags I started last week - they're filled and tucked in a basket ready to be gifted :)  Easter sewing is DONE :)  I didn't do all the projects I wanted to do, though.  I Amazon'd 2 of the kids an Easter book (plus I mailed them an Easter card) instead of sewing and mailing them a gift - at this late stage of the game, I can't trust Canada Post to deliver on time.  For the handmade items I did smaller, simpler projects than I originally planned, but reality -- "done and ready" trumps "bigger, better but incomplete or late".  I'm sure all sewers and crafters know THAT feeling :)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday Makers! #31 :)

Well - I was 50% successful at completing the projects I picked last week to do for this week - I give myself a 50/100, LOL.  I didn't even touch the roadway fabric that I want to use for a basket set :/  Oh wait - I lie - I moved it out of the way so I could do other things on the table - I think right now it's hanging over top of a big ruler, LOL!  I did get the bib 'n taggy set done, and it is CUTE :)

There are 4 meters of ribbon in that set!  Each bib has 3 pieces 11" long, and there are 20 X 3" pieces in the taggy :D  Good thing I have a few more yards to use up - right, Baye?  ;)  BTW - this bib set hasn't been washed yet - after I wash/dry it the quilting will shrink up a bit and it'll get that soft, lovely crinkled look :)

Last night I kitted up projects to work on this week - I want to get the rest of the little bunny Easter bags finished for the kids.  I have 8 done so far more are kitted ready to stitch.  These are my Monday Makers! project for this week :D

4 bunny bags for the girls ...

2 more bunny bags for the boys :D
I have one more piece of fabric picked out for another bag, but I need to dig around for a piece of fabric I think I have somewhere that will be perfect for the lining :D  I'm pretty sure I can get these bags finished this week, and hopefully I can get to work on the baskets from last week :)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monday Makers! #30 :)

For Monday Makers #29 I posted 2 projects I had started, with plans of getting them done last week.  Happily I got both items completed, YAY :)

Dinosaur themed fabric baskets (7", 6" and 5" size from this pattern)

Easter bunny pouches from this tutorial :)
 I really like the bunny pouches so I made another set of them, and have several more cut out to make for this coming Easter :D  I'm going to tuck a little Easter chocolate inside, and give them to the greats when we see them for Easter dinner :D  I may even make some for the neighbour  kids because they're so quick and easy - and CUTE :D  I did modify the pattern a bit - I increased the fabric to 6.5" squares to make them easier to stitch, and I added a pompom tail for extra bunny-ness ;)  Oh - I also used rattail for the drawstring instead of fabric ties - rattail is slippery so it's much easier to thread through that tiny little casing :D

For the coming week here are the projects I've started and would like to complete:

Future bib and taggy set :)

Future fabric basket set :)

Close-up of the cool road/town fabric I chose for this project :D

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Makers! #29 :)

Here's the project I started for MM #28 ... and here's the completed project :)  This was a new to me project from Fast Fun & Easy Critter Bags (NAYY) - next time around I'll rejig his face a bit - this looks more like a zombie duck than a cute Easter duck - his eyes need to be closer together, and his face needs to move down his body a bit, LOLOL.  He's cute - but he can be cuter!  ;) 

For Monday Makers! #29 I actually started 2 projects - that's just how I rock ;)  I'm sure I'm not the only one that sometimes just wants to start something new rather than finishing something UFO! 

This is the beginning of a set of 3 stacking baskets from the Nesting Fabric Bowls pattern (NAYY) from Nova @ a cuppa and a catch up :)  The pattern has multiple sizes and designs - it's quite thorough!  I cut out the 7", 6" and 5" baskets to work on.  I have more dinosaur fabric (which I believe is still available @ Joanns, as is the green polka dot fabric from their Christmas line, that I chose to go with it).  This basket set is destined for a little one for Christmas ;)

Once I got Christmas cut out, I decided to cut out Easter as well!  :D  These pretty in pink fabrics will hopefully morph into 2 little bunny treat bags - the multi-coloured poms at the top are just for show.  I'm fancy that way, when I remember to attempt to be so :D 

I had some more pictures to post but the colours went REALLY badly in the basement - the white background turned blue, and the yellow caught on fire and melted - it was pretty ugly.  Will see if I can get outside tomorrow to take some photos - I want to show you what I did with a bunch of ribbon I received recently from Ebay - it took weeks to arrive from China and arrived sporting a disgusting and strong petrochemical smell.  I hung a bunch outside to see if I could destink them - they look pretty cute out there, truth be told, lol!  Maybe the snow (of which we have MUCH!) will absorb the stinkies :D

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monday Makers #28 :)

I forgot to post this yesterday for Monday Makers! #28 but fortunately Nurdan lets us link on Tuesdays - very helpful for people who have memory lapses - like me :D

Yesterday I cut out another bag to try - this is from the Fast Fun & Easy Critter Bags book that my pig zipper pouch is from :)  It's certainly a book with many fun ideas in it, although it's not a book I would recommend for new sewers - it's not exactly big on instructions or details :D  I mainly go by the pictures and the pattern pieces, lol.  I'm doing the bag the way I normally do drawstring gift bags - fully lined, with no raw edges - the one in the book isn't lined, and I prefer a more finished look most of the time ;)

A couple of days ago I posted a picture of some bib and taggy sets I had completed for Blue Hills.  I washed the sets after taking pictures - most of them came out fine, of course, but one set - OOPS!  I noticed the velcro seemed
"off" when I was attaching it, but I had no idea it would do this!  I'll remove the velcro from all 3 bibs and redo it with different velcro - I guess I got a bad batch.  I'm glad I caught it before sending the goodies to BH!

I found something in stash this morning that I forgot I had - a while ago I bought some ceramic beads from ebay, with the intent of using them as zipper pulls.  Here's one I found that can now be put to good use - it's perfect for the project, lol!

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