Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday Makers! #31 :)

Well - I was 50% successful at completing the projects I picked last week to do for this week - I give myself a 50/100, LOL.  I didn't even touch the roadway fabric that I want to use for a basket set :/  Oh wait - I lie - I moved it out of the way so I could do other things on the table - I think right now it's hanging over top of a big ruler, LOL!  I did get the bib 'n taggy set done, and it is CUTE :)

There are 4 meters of ribbon in that set!  Each bib has 3 pieces 11" long, and there are 20 X 3" pieces in the taggy :D  Good thing I have a few more yards to use up - right, Baye?  ;)  BTW - this bib set hasn't been washed yet - after I wash/dry it the quilting will shrink up a bit and it'll get that soft, lovely crinkled look :)

Last night I kitted up projects to work on this week - I want to get the rest of the little bunny Easter bags finished for the kids.  I have 8 done so far more are kitted ready to stitch.  These are my Monday Makers! project for this week :D

4 bunny bags for the girls ...

2 more bunny bags for the boys :D
I have one more piece of fabric picked out for another bag, but I need to dig around for a piece of fabric I think I have somewhere that will be perfect for the lining :D  I'm pretty sure I can get these bags finished this week, and hopefully I can get to work on the baskets from last week :)

Posting to Monday Makers! #31 :)


  1. Gorgeous bib and taggie set!!! Yellow is a great co-ordinating colour with blue. I love how you've added the three ribbons across each bib.

  2. The taggy and bibs are lovely, you will certainly be powering your way through your ribbon stash with those makes!

  3. Beautiful little set there! Glad I'm not the only one moving around the works-in-progress rather than doing them. I presently have a stack of nicely laundered and ironed yardage laying on top of my embroidery machine. Now I have to lift the cover and all that fabric very carefully every time I use the machine. So many projects we want to do!

  4. Looking good! You are so good and busy. I need to post an update on projects too. The taggy blankies are so popular with little ones, I think I need to put some together for the next generation of wee ones! Hope the weather is good for you. At least it isn't snowing here *knock wood*!

  5. How cute - I was talking to my friend Shirley, who is 84, and she mentioned these little blankets that you make for babies with ribbon. I said a taggy? She's always amazed at the things I know about, lol, but I have internet and talented friends!!! I'll have to show her your picture!


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