Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monday Makers! #30 :)

For Monday Makers #29 I posted 2 projects I had started, with plans of getting them done last week.  Happily I got both items completed, YAY :)

Dinosaur themed fabric baskets (7", 6" and 5" size from this pattern)

Easter bunny pouches from this tutorial :)
 I really like the bunny pouches so I made another set of them, and have several more cut out to make for this coming Easter :D  I'm going to tuck a little Easter chocolate inside, and give them to the greats when we see them for Easter dinner :D  I may even make some for the neighbour  kids because they're so quick and easy - and CUTE :D  I did modify the pattern a bit - I increased the fabric to 6.5" squares to make them easier to stitch, and I added a pompom tail for extra bunny-ness ;)  Oh - I also used rattail for the drawstring instead of fabric ties - rattail is slippery so it's much easier to thread through that tiny little casing :D

For the coming week here are the projects I've started and would like to complete:

Future bib and taggy set :)

Future fabric basket set :)

Close-up of the cool road/town fabric I chose for this project :D

Posted to Monday Makers! #30 :)


  1. sooo cute baskets and bunnies are awesome!!!!

    1. (oops, you're a No Reply blogger, Anastasia - I hope you see this!)
      I'm working really hard at getting my gifts done ahead of time - I hate trying to sew like a crazy woman when a gift is overdue, LOL! I got 4 more bunny pouches cut out today - I want to make enough for my great niece/nephews, plus some for the young neighbour kids :D

      Sandra :)

  2. The baskets turned out really great!!! Looking at the baskets nested together, I'm thinking of packing for sending via post. The different sized baskets would be so much easier than multiples of the same size. You've set me on a slightly different path for Christmas presents, now. The bunny bags are super cute with their little tails.

  3. All of this is so adorable! For the bunny pouches, did you just increase the square size... did you increase the ears at all?

  4. I just "awwww"ed myself out moving from one pic to the next. I LOVE that puffy tail on the bunny bag!

  5. Making some fabric baskets is in my to do list for soooo long and yours look lovely!

  6. How cute!!! You get so much done, you could open a store....

  7. Love those bunny pouches, so sweet and I'm very partial to fabric bowls

  8. Love the colour of the dinosaur baskets and the bunny bags are really cute !


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