Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monday Makers #28 :)

I forgot to post this yesterday for Monday Makers! #28 but fortunately Nurdan lets us link on Tuesdays - very helpful for people who have memory lapses - like me :D

Yesterday I cut out another bag to try - this is from the Fast Fun & Easy Critter Bags book that my pig zipper pouch is from :)  It's certainly a book with many fun ideas in it, although it's not a book I would recommend for new sewers - it's not exactly big on instructions or details :D  I mainly go by the pictures and the pattern pieces, lol.  I'm doing the bag the way I normally do drawstring gift bags - fully lined, with no raw edges - the one in the book isn't lined, and I prefer a more finished look most of the time ;)

A couple of days ago I posted a picture of some bib and taggy sets I had completed for Blue Hills.  I washed the sets after taking pictures - most of them came out fine, of course, but one set - OOPS!  I noticed the velcro seemed
"off" when I was attaching it, but I had no idea it would do this!  I'll remove the velcro from all 3 bibs and redo it with different velcro - I guess I got a bad batch.  I'm glad I caught it before sending the goodies to BH!

I found something in stash this morning that I forgot I had - a while ago I bought some ceramic beads from ebay, with the intent of using them as zipper pulls.  Here's one I found that can now be put to good use - it's perfect for the project, lol!

Posted to Monday Makers #28 :)


  1. You are the queen of bags and zipper pouches Sandra! Love the things you make!!

  2. Lucky you washed the bibs after your sewed them. I wash my fabric before I sew and would have given it to its new owner and not realised. Hmm... something to consider.

  3. How frustrating that your Velcro wasn't up to scratch!

  4. Wow, never saw velcro do that before! Love your bibs otherwise, glad you caught that!
    Hugs, Mickie

  5. I've never seen Velcro do that before. Love that pink fabric and the ceramic piece.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the latest bags! Lucky you spotted the velcro - annoying but I'm sure it will fix ok and the bead zipper pull is adorable :)

  7. I have never seen velcro do that, yikes!!! Love love love the little piggy bead!

  8. Cute zipper pull! I bought some two piece kitty beads several years ago that I thought would make cute zipper pulls. Unfortunately, I'm going to need some help to get that figured out. Luckily, I think a couple of my stamping friends are also into beading… so, I just have to press them into service.


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