Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Makers! #32 :)

I'm not starting something new for this week's Monday Makers! - I still need to start (and finish!) the basket set I've been planning for 2+ weeks to get cracking on. The fabric is still hanging, untouched, on a ruler on my sewing table, lol. I did finish all the bunny treat bags I started last week - they're filled and tucked in a basket ready to be gifted :)  Easter sewing is DONE :)  I didn't do all the projects I wanted to do, though.  I Amazon'd 2 of the kids an Easter book (plus I mailed them an Easter card) instead of sewing and mailing them a gift - at this late stage of the game, I can't trust Canada Post to deliver on time.  For the handmade items I did smaller, simpler projects than I originally planned, but reality -- "done and ready" trumps "bigger, better but incomplete or late".  I'm sure all sewers and crafters know THAT feeling :)

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  1. Know the feeling only too well. Your Easter presents look lovely sitting in the basket waited to be gifted.

  2. Do I ever know that feeling.... Went to a wedding shower over the weekend, and while I had most of the gift done, I had planned to crochet two potholders, too... didn't get those done (though one is nearly done, and I can gift them later)

    I love the basket of bunny treat bags! I might still try to make a couple of them on Saturday, since I decided that I'll go visit my family for Easter.

  3. Absolutely Sandra! Done and dusted trumps planned in my head every time :)

  4. Even now, in the midst of my attempt to get better at completing stuff with the extras, I am on vacation with a jewelry "roll" that is nothing more than a rolled up piece of cloth from the stash:-) Maybe next vacation will have a real jewelry roll for all my eBay goodies.

  5. Yay you are productive! Sew cute!

  6. Oh Yes, Sandra, there are always so many things in my head ! These bunny baskets are really cute !


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