Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Makers! #29 :)

Here's the project I started for MM #28 ... and here's the completed project :)  This was a new to me project from Fast Fun & Easy Critter Bags (NAYY) - next time around I'll rejig his face a bit - this looks more like a zombie duck than a cute Easter duck - his eyes need to be closer together, and his face needs to move down his body a bit, LOLOL.  He's cute - but he can be cuter!  ;) 

For Monday Makers! #29 I actually started 2 projects - that's just how I rock ;)  I'm sure I'm not the only one that sometimes just wants to start something new rather than finishing something UFO! 

This is the beginning of a set of 3 stacking baskets from the Nesting Fabric Bowls pattern (NAYY) from Nova @ a cuppa and a catch up :)  The pattern has multiple sizes and designs - it's quite thorough!  I cut out the 7", 6" and 5" baskets to work on.  I have more dinosaur fabric (which I believe is still available @ Joanns, as is the green polka dot fabric from their Christmas line, that I chose to go with it).  This basket set is destined for a little one for Christmas ;)

Once I got Christmas cut out, I decided to cut out Easter as well!  :D  These pretty in pink fabrics will hopefully morph into 2 little bunny treat bags - the multi-coloured poms at the top are just for show.  I'm fancy that way, when I remember to attempt to be so :D 

I had some more pictures to post but the colours went REALLY badly in the basement - the white background turned blue, and the yellow caught on fire and melted - it was pretty ugly.  Will see if I can get outside tomorrow to take some photos - I want to show you what I did with a bunch of ribbon I received recently from Ebay - it took weeks to arrive from China and arrived sporting a disgusting and strong petrochemical smell.  I hung a bunch outside to see if I could destink them - they look pretty cute out there, truth be told, lol!  Maybe the snow (of which we have MUCH!) will absorb the stinkies :D

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  1. Well, I think the Easter duck is super cute as he is!!! What a fun bag. Nova's fabric baskets are beautiful. They're going to look fabulous in the dinosaur fabric and green polka dots. And the little bunny bags will be adorable, even if you don't attach the pom poms... LOL!!!

  2. I spy bunnies!!! I HAVE to make some of those bags...

    I like your chicky, I think he looks kind of crazy

  3. I really love the duck the way he is now ! He's adorable ! You always have such nice fabric, like the dinosaur fabric for the baskets. So cute !
    You still have much snow ? We finally had some sunny days. It's still rather cold, but we can already feel that spring is in the air. Winter has been grey, windy and rainy, not fun. I'd rather like snow instead with some sun of course :-))

  4. Well I think he's cute, lol!!! That's odd about the smell - maybe Febreeze would take it out? I think it would be worth a spray or two.

  5. I have been wanting to make some of those bunny bags since I saw the tutorial last year! I can't wait to see how they turn out :)

  6. By now, I'm pretty sure that my comments aren't getting to you and are going to spam :( I keep trying to change things to see if I can fix it and I finally just changed my e-mail on my blogger profile (I think), so I'm trying again. As always, all of your makes are super cute!

  7. He's so funny and very cute.


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