Monday, May 7, 2018

Bras, anyone? :)

I finished this bag this morning for Belinda's Place.  I don't usually get pictures so quickly, but in this case I wanted to send them to a buddy, so I got 'r done :D  IIDSSM, this is a really pretty bag - I'm quite pleased with this finish :)

Finished boxy :)

Not surprisingly, I had a charm for zipper pull that worked quite well with the theme of the bag ;)

Lining fabric - from Ikea!  

The strap :D  I didn't even fussy cut that - it was a total fluke!

Handmade tag :)  You might be able to see the pale pink embroidery thread I used to stitch this tag down - the bag is straight line quilted with this thread - it's  shiny and satiny - very pretty :)
I have a couple of bits left of this bra fabric - I've just pulled some fabric from stash to use for the accent for a drawstring gift bag featuring these bras, and I think I have one more piece in the "to be kitted" pile to make something.  Who doesn't need a pretty bra - or a bunch of bras - in their life? LOL!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Some of my favourite recent finishes :D

A while back, I spotted a fun paper pieced fish pattern @ Craftsy and had to have it.  It's free!  I made the fishy block, then dug through my black and white scrap bin to make this very simple tote.  I added an eye bead instead of paper piecing the tiny little iris that's in the pattern - easier and less fiddly, plus - who doesn't like using eye beads, amiright? ;)

These pencil cases were made using the last of a collection of scraps I had been given years ago.  The two on the left were pieced onto used colour catcher sheets, an item that's rarer than hen's teeth here in Canada.  Where it IS available, it's priced similarly to the price of gold ... GRRRR!  However, it's widely and inexpensively available south of the border, and luckily I get to go south of the border regularly, thanks to my long-suffering husband, LOL.  I buy them for my friend Nancy as well, and she kindly gives me her used ones to upcycle :D  It's a thing we do, Miss Nancy and I!  :D

A couple of those bags have beads on them, for fun and bling ;) 

More bead bling ;)

While I had my b&w scrap bin out for the fishy tote, I whipped up a few more b&w bags for the donation box.  Another simple tote ...

... a Bella clutch, and 2 earbud pouches :D  I think I made a few more bags but they got gifted before I could get pictures :D

This last bag is actually my favourite of all of these bags - it's not fancy, it's not big, it's not made with lovely quilt store fabric.  I just used scraps from my blue scrap bin, and made a regular zippy.   I stitched the scraps onto a base I had patchworked from batting scraps, then I cross-hatch quilted the outer pieces with blue variegated thread.  I added some buttons from my button collection, and called it a day.  I think scraps are the jewels of the fabric world, and this type of pouch, made with what are basically, throwaway supplies, gives me The Happy Feels :D  Plus - it's cute!  ;)


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