Monday, May 7, 2018

Bras, anyone? :)

I finished this bag this morning for Belinda's Place.  I don't usually get pictures so quickly, but in this case I wanted to send them to a buddy, so I got 'r done :D  IIDSSM, this is a really pretty bag - I'm quite pleased with this finish :)

Finished boxy :)

Not surprisingly, I had a charm for zipper pull that worked quite well with the theme of the bag ;)

Lining fabric - from Ikea!  

The strap :D  I didn't even fussy cut that - it was a total fluke!

Handmade tag :)  You might be able to see the pale pink embroidery thread I used to stitch this tag down - the bag is straight line quilted with this thread - it's  shiny and satiny - very pretty :)
I have a couple of bits left of this bra fabric - I've just pulled some fabric from stash to use for the accent for a drawstring gift bag featuring these bras, and I think I have one more piece in the "to be kitted" pile to make something.  Who doesn't need a pretty bra - or a bunch of bras - in their life? LOL!


  1. I love that fabric!!! How cute, great bag!!

  2. I've been on an ikea fabric kick too. I thought from your title that you had gone down the rabbit hole of bra making ( shudder). Lol.

  3. Super cute fabric! I love little bags with specialty fabrics for my stuff when I'm traveling. I made some mesh bags once that I use to keep clean/dirty undergarments separated and corralled while I am traveling. This fabric would be perfect for a similar type bag.

  4. That bag will definitely brighten someone's day Sandra :)

  5. What a find that fabric was!!! I love everything about this bag - fabric, matching zipper pull, text on the handle, handmade label. You have outdone yourself. This will be a hard one to beat. And... only you could find a bra zipper pull in your stash... LOL!!!

  6. When I saw the title, I thought you had made a bag out of a real bra! My quilt group had a bag making contest years ago making a bag using a bra. The bras were donated to auction off and the money went to charity. The bra bags were decorated with lots of frilly stuff and bling! Sandra you should try making a bag with a bra. Get the largest one you can find at a thrift store. Lol!!!

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