Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter chick treat bags :)

I had several crafty Easter projects planned - of course, Easter snuck up before I could complete my mission, so I only got these little cuties finished :D  We just got home from grocery shopping and I need to put the groceries away before they defrost - I wanted to get this "placeholder" post done so I could finally post a New to Me to Fiona's linky party!  Back in a few, LOL!

Ok - it's a few later!  The tutorial for these bags is here - thank you, Crystal, for such a cute project - I'm going to make more for next year, but I was thinking about doing them in Easter/spring colours - pink, orange, yellow, soft green, soft blue, light purple - I think that would make an awesome collection :D   Pretty much the only change I made to the tutorial/pattern was to upsize the pattern pieces by 50% - I have a hard time working with really tiny bits, so increasing the size made the bags easier for me to make, plus it made them big enough for the jelly beans (in Easter egg and carrot shapes, hehe) and chocolate eggs that I picked up :D  I gave these to a friend to add to her grands' Easter bags :)

Posted this project to Fiona @ Celthic Thistle Stitches, New to Me linky party for March ... here :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ups and downs ... and life goes on :)

I'm not going to get into details but there have been some "ups and downs" in suddenlysandraLand, so while there has definitely been sewing going on, the computer was kind of taking back seat to other things :D 

The biggest thing that has happened is that the counselling center I've been sewing donation items for, has "changed direction" and no longer needs my goodies.  I contacted a women's shelter in a nearby town, who said they were happy to take what I could make.   I'll have to find another place that wants kid/baby stuff, but at least for now, I can concentrate on things for the ladies :D  There are 37 rooms in the shelter, so I planned on 37 boxy bags to start, so everybody gets one :)   I still need to sit down with them to find out their long term needs, but for now my goal is 37 :)  I've delivered 12,  have 16 more finished, and have 9 more kitted to stitch.  I have lots of supplies - fabric, zippers, batting, notions - I'm on it!  :)

Here are some finish photos - a blog post w/out pix is like a Buffalo run without visiting 4 Joanns stores!  ;)   This first set of photos is projects that I need to save until I find a place that needs kid stuff - most of these were made prior to the Blue Hills change.  I'll post the newest items on another post - Blogger has photo limits :D
6 pirate boxy bags :)

2 pirate Tiny Bags and a superhero boxy

For fun - a couple of monster zippies :D


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