Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ups and downs ... and life goes on :)

I'm not going to get into details but there have been some "ups and downs" in suddenlysandraLand, so while there has definitely been sewing going on, the computer was kind of taking back seat to other things :D 

The biggest thing that has happened is that the counselling center I've been sewing donation items for, has "changed direction" and no longer needs my goodies.  I contacted a women's shelter in a nearby town, who said they were happy to take what I could make.   I'll have to find another place that wants kid/baby stuff, but at least for now, I can concentrate on things for the ladies :D  There are 37 rooms in the shelter, so I planned on 37 boxy bags to start, so everybody gets one :)   I still need to sit down with them to find out their long term needs, but for now my goal is 37 :)  I've delivered 12,  have 16 more finished, and have 9 more kitted to stitch.  I have lots of supplies - fabric, zippers, batting, notions - I'm on it!  :)

Here are some finish photos - a blog post w/out pix is like a Buffalo run without visiting 4 Joanns stores!  ;)   This first set of photos is projects that I need to save until I find a place that needs kid stuff - most of these were made prior to the Blue Hills change.  I'll post the newest items on another post - Blogger has photo limits :D
6 pirate boxy bags :)

2 pirate Tiny Bags and a superhero boxy

For fun - a couple of monster zippies :D


  1. I admire that you sew to donate. I have friends here who have been burned (probably too harsh a word but I can't find another). The VA only wants lap quilts in a certain particular size - not just any size. My gal who crochets over 200 hats a year has been told her hats aren't to her donated places' standards. Both times, these kind-hearted makers found other places that were grateful.
    Good on you for checking what their long-term needs are. Items we think are useful turn out not to be in some cases.

  2. What is the new direction Blue Hills is going in??? In any case, it sounds as though this new place is going to be able to make good use of your goodies. If you are near one of the places that take care of the comings and goings of foster kids, they often take things for kids.

  3. Hmnn. A direction that doesn't welcome the kindness and generosity of donors doesn't sound like a good direction to me. But their loss is the women's shelter's gain. Your boxy bags look great. I love the monster ones too :)

  4. One door closes, another opens. Let's hope you find somewhere to donate goodies for kids. You'll be able to make boxie bags to your hears content - as old clients move out, new ones will move in.

  5. Blue Hills loss is definitely someone else's gain Sandra, I am sure that you will have no problem finding another thankful recipient for your brilliant boxy bags!


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