Sunday, February 4, 2018

More finishes, before I ship them off to their intended recipients :D

Lots of photos today!  I'm just waiting for hubby to get home from work so we can hit the grocery store and Costco - until I hear the garage door opening, though, I can play on the computer, hehehe.  The grocery list is made and the sale flyers are in order, so I'm ready to run :D

Here are a bunch of projects I've completed in the last few weeks - using up bits of this and pieces of that - everything (except the pillowcases) is being donated.  This represents a nice chunk of stash busted - wooooo!  :)

Loon pillowcases - I made these for some friends who have a trailer at Loon's Landing in the French River area ;)

Baseball zipper bags - during my last trip to Pennsylvania (hi Mickie! hi Carol!) I picked up some "sample" books from a lovely Amish quilt store - each one contained fabric samples in a particular theme - I'm currently working on the - as you can tell - baseball theme :D

This baseball zipper pouch doubles as a Dental Goodies bag - I've tucked in the goodies that my lovely dental hygienist (hi Rubina!) gives me :)  

Library tote bag  - my original post about these library bags is here - thanks, Pam, for the inspiration :)

Another library tote ...

Another library tote ...
Another library tote - this one is quilted, using fabric I was given by Mickie+Carol during my last PA visit :D  

I was able to make this pouch to finish off all the squirrel fabric :)

Close-up of the squirrel fabric - isn't it adorable?!

4 flickies :)
2 fall boxy bags :)

Fall Bella Clutch :)

Two more boxy bags - floral, and chickens --- the chickens fabric is from my friend Nancy - hi Nanc!

Stay warm, people - the groundhog knew what he was talking about when he forecast 6 more weeks of winter - we're not finished with this crap just yet!  (Don't believe a word that Shubenacadie Sam says - he doesn't know what he's talking about :D) :) 


  1. Lots of great finishes! I love that squirrel fabric, it's so cute! I have a student teacher for another 5 weeks, so I'm hoping to get a few more finishes than normal at this time of the year :)

  2. You always have such great fabrics for your makes Sandra, those baseball pouches will make some children very happy :)

  3. What gorgeous pillowcases!!! That grey is perfect to go with the main fabric. They would look so different if you'd chosen another fabric. You have sewn so much to be donated. Everything looks great.

  4. Another colorful, fun, useful assortment of goodies!

  5. That squirrel fabric IS darling! I just can't get over how much you make. I love it all!!!

  6. Wow, it's amazing how many finishes you make ! They're all adorable and your fabric choices are always fantastic !! I love the boxy bags, they're just perfect. And the flickies look so soft !


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