Monday, January 22, 2018

A few pictures ... and then ... a few more pictures :D

It's been a productive start to the new year - hopefully that continues as the year progresses - I did a rough calculation last year and estimated that I stitched up approximately 70m more fabric than I bought.  That's not really a lot when I look around at how much fabric I have, LOL.  Oh well - when stacked against a wall, the fabric makes GREAT insulation!  Canada, eh?! :D  I'll try to better that number for 2018 :)

Here are a few finishes from the last part of December and from this month - some were gifts, most are being (or have already been) donated.

Two more Card Kitties for some greats - these were part of a set of 3.  3 fun decks of cards, a book on card games, some artists pads and a box of 60 pencil crayons (family is 3 kids) were added with the 3 card kitties, to complete the gift.  The recipients were away over Christmas so they'll get the gift when I see them next month :)

Two more pirate Tiny Bags - tutorial here :)  I did 3 in this line of fabrics (from Joanns), and with the rest of the fabrics I'll be making boxy bags - all will be donated :)

3 more kids wallets from this tutorial :)

Four use-up-these-fabrics pillowcases - I can't remember if these prints were from Joanns in the States, or from Sew Sisters in Toronto, but I've had them in stash for a very long time (5+ years, I think) - it was time they made their way into the world to make some kids smile :D

A Bella Clutch - this is a free tutorial, and makes a really lovely, feminine bag :)  I made another one today to use up some black and white scraps!

I've been big-time into boxy bags for a while now - they use up a nice amount of stash, are very useful for those who receive them, and are rather quick to whip up.  Win/win/win :D  Here are several that I've whipped up this month - butterflies and mice ...

... and superheroes and cars :)

Library Bag #2 - I originally posted about Library bags here.   This one was made using some FQs I purchased from Joanns ages ago ... and to go with the pupper theme ...

Scamp!  This book reminds me so much of ??? something from childhood - I'm not sure exactly what, but when I see that picture, it takes me back 45 or 50 years.  I can't pin down the memory, but it's certainly a happy one, because I smile when I see that little guy!

In addition to making library bags, I'm going to make some art bags to hold the collection of colouring books and crayons I've collected over the years - more stuff that has been bought for gifting, but which ended up being extra, or which didn't fit with the theme/recipients :D

Colouring book and crayons added to the art bag :)

That's a lot of sewing, and a nice amount of stash busted!  This past weekend I hit the fabric store to buy one X 9" zipper.  *ahem*  I ended up with one X 12" zipper, and 9.9m of fabric.  It was on sale!  I had gift certificates!   It was fun!  That's kind of the reason my output isn't larger - input happens!  :D


  1. Don't ask me how much other fabric I bought when trying to re-create my missing quilt. I felt justified too.

  2. It's no fun if input doesn't happen... LOL!!! That's one heck of a lot of sewing. I think those tiny bags would be great with long handles or one long strap, for an adult. You've got me thinking more about library bags as presents, as well as for charity.

  3. Oh, the Scamp book! Love the bags, but Scamp brings back my childhood, too. Books and the smell of a new rubber doll. Every once in a while I will find something in a store with that doll smell. I'll be standing there holding something to my nose shouting, "Oh my god, I LOVE this smell!" Maybe this is why no one wants to shop with me anymore.

  4. Well at least you got the zip that you went out for, the fabric purchase was just a bonus!
    That is an amazing haul of bags Sandra, you are certainly burning the rubber at that sewing machine :)


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