Monday, January 15, 2018

Pam - you've inspired me :)

Pam, my Australian bloggy friend, recently posted about making library bags to donate.  I think that's a fine project to take on, and when I read this post, I decided I would make some bags to gift (donate) some books and other items I have hanging around (purchases that were to be gifted, but which ended up as extras).

Last night I cut out my first bag, using shark fabric from stash.  This morning I got sewing - Ta Da!!!  I used Pam's tutorial as a guideline, making a few changes along the way (I added pockets to use up the last bits of the fabrics I was using, and made the straps a bit longer for the same reason).  Here's the bag - it measures 12.5" wide X 15.5" tall (not counting the straps), and has 2 pockets inside, and one on the outside.

Here's the book I'm tucking inside - I've gifted this book before (well, not THIS one, but another copy of it, hehe) - it's a cute, funny book - "Not by the skin of my finny fin fin!" - lol!  I have lots of shark fabric - I think I'll watch for the book to go on sale and buy a few more copies - I think this is a GREAT gift :)

Thanks for the inspiration, Pam!


  1. That's the perfect book to put inside your fabulous bag. I'll have to look out for that one. I love books with rhyming. Great idea to add the pockets. I would seriously like to look through your stash.

  2. That is a great combination Sandra, it will make a child's day and with any luck inspire a lifelong love of books (and fish!)

  3. Such an excellent idea! I like the theme! I’ve done that with pillowcases before.

  4. Love the idea of making the bag to match the book or was it the other way around? LOL! Great idea either way. That would be a great charity sewing thing to do with a larger group of women. Buy a book to match fabric you have and make the bag and gift together to the little kiddos. Well done Sandra! And Pam too!

  5. A book and book bag. Perfect for kids. Although I have had a project running thru my head the last six months or so of the reading pillow. A pillow with a pocket big enough for a book. Then I thought I'd modify that for my great-nieces of making a smallish (stadium) blanket that fits in the bag turns into a pillow to sit on and of course that creates a pocket for a book as well. One of these days...


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