Saturday, February 28, 2015

I made a very special zipper bag today :)

I'd like to show you some pictures of the bag I made today - see if you can spot why it's so special!  ;)  I've been making denim + batik zipper pouches to use up a bunch of pendants I bought a while ago to use for zipper pulls - I didn't even have a chance to put the zipper pull on this particular bag, lol.  Notice the pretty variegated thread stitching and the studs on the front - so pretty!

Front :)

Back :)

Lining fabric - isn't it gorgeous?

Wait ... what??!!!

Something doesn't look quite right here!
If you guessed that I somehow, in my infinite non-wisdom, managed to trim down the wrong end of the zipper, leaving me with a lovely zipperless zipper bag, you would be right - imagine my surprise when I realized what I had done, LOL!!!  Perfectly beautiful bag - big handicap!  I'm still laughing - it's probably among the top 2 stupidest things I've ever done at the sewing machine :D

Here are a few finishes that turned out better than the previous one - all of these are going to Blue Hills :)

4 seahorse bibs (completed in January) :)

3 Oriental boxy bags :)

3 upcycled denim bibs from worn out work jeans from one of my guys - I don't even remember whose jeans they were, lol :)

4 denim and batik zipper bags - these ones DID work out and include an actual working zipper ;)

Doggy bib and taggy set completed in January :)

One last bib+taggy set from January, featuring a pretty doggy print from Joanns :)  Close-up shows the ribbon I found to go with it, and the quilting on the center of the taggy :)


  1. The yellow stitching and stars are just gorgeous against the dark denim!!! I'm going to show my lack of understanding here... Unless you pulled the zipper tab so it fell off, does it matter if you cut that end? Assuming you didn't pull the tab off, wouldn't it come to a stop at the end of the bag. Not doubting the zipper queen, just showing my lack of understanding.

    You have been super busy!!! Everything looks great, but I think I like the embroidered denim the best.

  2. Oh, my goodness!!!!!

    Happy weekend,

  3. Hey we all make mistakes, don't beat yourself :) Love LOVE the seahorse bibs, they are cute. Everything looks great! Hugs, Mickie

  4. That little pouch is way too beautiful to give up on! Take that sucker apart and save it! It's begging to be saved. Okay, I'm begging for it to be saved. It's way too pretty not be left by the wayside.

    OMG! You are killing me with all this productiveness. Way to go, Sewing Muse! Keep up the great work.

    And look at all that ribbon!! Now where did you get that? I don't think I have enough.

  5. Oh my gosh Sandra you've been hanging around me too!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard over this. But I do agree, save that bag, it's GORGEOUS. I'm really in awe of your productivity - such gorgeous makings!!!!

  6. I feel your pain Sandra :)

    You are living up to your Novelty Pouch factory name though :)

  7. I keep saving old jeans, thinking that I'm going to make some cute pouches from them…. eventually :) I am super paranoid that I'm going to do the same thing that you did with the zips. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure it will eventually :)


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