Friday, February 27, 2015

This little piggy went to market ... in my basement dungeon :D

I posted my start to this project on Monday, and got it finished yesterday. Despite one booboo that resulted in me needing to remove her snout and tail, then recut and reattach them (while cursing grumbling loudly :D) she worked out beautifully :D

She measures about 7.5"w (not counting her lil piggy feet) and 10.5"t ... and she'll be going to Blue Hills :)  I have another pink one cut out, and am planning on a blue one as well :D  She's from the book Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Critter Bags (NAYY) - there are lots of other fun designs in the book that I want to play with as well :)

Her little ears are a bit dimensional - I stitched the ears on so they'd be raised a bit - I thought it would be a cute touch :D

If I do say so myself, she's a pretty cute zipper pouch - I think someone will be very happy to receive her :)  

Posted to Celtic Thistle Stitches New to Me for Feb. 2015 :)

NOT posted to the Sew the Library linky party for February - I like to follow along, do my own thing and check out what others have done, without actually posting to it - I'm lazy that way, lol.


  1. Think I've got that book, too. Love this little piggie!

  2. Super fun little piggie bag. She even has a tail.

  3. This is so cute! I never would have thought to make a pouch into a critter!


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