Friday, February 27, 2015

Ho Ho Ho and On I Sewed :D

These 8 earbud pouches have been completed just in time for the February Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :)  As soon as I took the picture they went right into my Christmas 2015 box, ready for whenever they might be needed come the holiday season :D  They measure about 5" wide and are just the right size for a mini candy cane, a bit of $$, or a lovely little box of chocolates :) Christmas prep is ON!  Right, Pam?  Pam is February's hostess for the party, and posted a tutorial for adorable drawstring gift bags :)  Yours truly will be co-hostessing in October - I'm already biting my nails about it, lol!  There's a very small large chance that my tutorial will involve a zipper, but you just.  never.  know ;)

Posted to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for February 2015 :)


  1. Adding the tags to the earbud pouches is a great idea. Oh, I think the queen zippies has to do a tutorial that involves a zipper. Nothing like a little pressure:-)

  2. What are those zipper pulls? Looks like someone's gonna need a bigger box at this rate!

  3. These are brilliant Sandra! You must be our most organised Ho, Ho, Ho -er :)

  4. A few years ago, I made a bunch of the earbud pouches. Are these all the same size, or did you make two different sizes? I was using my earbud pouch over the weekend, wishing that I had made it a little bigger so it would be easier to get the earbuds into it.


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