Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thank you, TD Direct Investing!

Thank you, for single-handedly trying to keep Canada Post afloat - you rock!  TD Bank and their investing department are apparently doing their damndest to send as much business as they can, to our lovely postal system.  Need proof?  I aim to please!  :)

You know it's from me when it has a can of Diet Dr. Pepper incorporated, LOL!!  Nectar of the gods!  ;)  Count the envelopes - there are TWELVE OF THEM!

I wonder if Canada Post owns stock in the TD group of companies?  :D

 My son will recycle the envelopes except for the plastic window, which goes in the garbage.  The contents, however, will get shredded, which means they go in the garbage as well.  The majority of his banking statements are sent online, so I don't know if there's a reason TD keeps sending this stuff by snail mail.  A stamp in Canada costs 85 cents.  Maybe they get a bulk discount - I don't know.  But this sure does seem like a waste of time, money and resources!

My mailbox also contained something fun for old mom - there was a silver Tyvek-type envelope tucked in there as well - I brought it in and ripped it open, only to find ...

TA DA!!  Grosgrain ribbon from Ebay!

Pretty pretty ribbon ;)
 I haven't opened up the bundles yet to check the ribbons, but let me tell you - that was one awesomely pretty envelope to open up!  I think this is 100 yards of ribbon, if I'm not mistaken - I won 2 x 50 yard lots for $3.25US each - with free shipping.  I now have ribbon comin out the wazoo.  So.  Much.  FUN.  :)  Better than the 12 banking statements - LOLOL!

Hey Baye - I think you should get some ribbon too!!!  ;)


  1. It's the year of the century for Sandra - only buying in multiples of 100. Enjoy your fabulous win!!!

  2. I had to order some this morning. HAD to because it was Chanel and Hello Kitty. SOMEBODY keeps outbidding me on the Hello Kitty ribbon forcing me to "buy it now." Also got some owls because I didn't have any. One MUST have owl ribbon in the stash. Brian's beginning to whine about the number of tiny PayPal payments coming through. I may have to start using a credit card;-)

  3. Pretty ribbon! I"ve given up trying to figure out logic with big business anymore. I hope the bank hears about your post! :)
    Hugs, Mickie

  4. The amount of junk mail we get should keep the US post office going forever - but still they complain, lol! What gorgeous ribbons, Sandra, I see you've been doing your bit for the economy, lol....

  5. Fantastic all these ribbons !!

  6. What a wonderful collection of ribbons! Definitely more fun than bank statements :)


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