Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Boxy Bag Assembly Warehouse

In mid-November I decided I was going to do a project for a women's shelter in Toronto that I send sewn items to.  I thought I would do a bag for some members of my family, and donate them to the shelter in honour of those members :D  If I had thought of it earlier I could have done more members, but I did get 10 bags done so that's pretty good :)  They're all the same size - they finish to about 9" wide X 4" tall X 3.5" deep (quilted fabric is cut to 14"w x 16"t, and 1 3/4" boxes are cut from the seam allowance).  Presenting, in no particular order, The Ten Bags of Christmas :)

The Chris - in honour of my youngest son, the car guy :D

The Crazy Cat Lady - in honour of my oldest son Nick :D

The Graci - in honour of my brother/SIL's sweet golden Graci :)

The Heather - in honour of Graci's mom, my SIL, in memory of The Mouse of Thanksgiving 2017 :D  (this mouse actually crawled up my pants leg - we were SCREAMING with laughter trying to catch that errant little intruder without hurting it!)

The Jennifer - in honour of a niece who loves the kitties as much as I do :)

The Lleyton, in honour of a sweet great nephew :)

The Nash - in honour of another sweet great nephew :)

The Sandra - named after yours truly, and made with a remnant of fabric that I've been saving for just the right occasion because it's so pretty :)

The Sherry - in honour of my MUCH OLDER SISTER (!!!) who LOVES (hates!) flamingos :)  As the YOUNGER sister, it's my duty to annoy and bedevil my lovely sister wherever possible, which is why I chose the 'mingo :D

The Stacie - in honour of my niece who is big-time into cross-fit - I couldn't find exercise fabric, so I picked strawberries as an appropriate healthy fare for someone is is big on fitness :)

These bags will be entered into Patty's Bag It for 2017 - I have a picture of all 10 bags together but I can't add any more pictures to this post, so I'll post it separately, along with a couple more boxy bag finishes - I've been on a boxy bag roll :D 


  1. If a mouse crawled up my pants leg, I wouldn't be laughing - loud screaming more like it. Maybe I'd be able to laugh much later. Love your idea of donating the pouches for your family. Being an older sister, I'm not so sure I approve of the flamingo bag... LOL!!! My little sis would love it, though.

  2. Nice bags! So you are the younger sister, well that explains your fun sense of humor! Lol!

  3. These are great! I am wondering if the little handle is your own addition or was it in a tutorial? I would like to add the little handle to may next set of boxy pouches.


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