Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This is why you shouldn't drink and sew :D

 So ... yesterday I sat down at the sewing machine to work on a Christmas gift, and this happened ...

Yep - spilled my Diet Dr. Pepper on the table beside my sewing machine ...
... and on the floor ...

... and of course, all over the fabric I was sewing :D  Fortunately I had cut extra pieces so I brought these upstairs to soak, and continued on with the project :D
I severely underestimated how much time it would take for the gift - I thought I could get it done in a couple of hours one afternoon - I was wrong :D  I worked quite a bit yesterday, and today I sat down and finished it up.  It wasn't difficult in the least - it was just BIG :D   And here we have the finished set :)  I took these pictures outside - with the windchill it was -11C.  I was wearing boots, but no gloves/mitts - my fingers were FROZEN :D  Oh - and it was windy, LOL.  I persevered, though:

The project is called Pyramid Bean Bag Toss Game, but I'm calling it Flying Monkey Toss game because of the fabric I chose :D  The tutorial is here - mine is a bit bigger than the original and measures about 30" tall by about 48" wide at the widest part.  The bag on the left is the drawstring bag I made to hold the entire set - the game "board" folds up and will fit easily in the bag, as do the game pieces.
Here's the back of the game board - I added a tic tac toe board (made from ribbon) so the kids could play that game as well - they can use the game pieces from the Flying Monkey side :D  
And here are the game pieces - sorry, the picture got cut off a bit on one side - the sun was in my eyes and I was really cold :D  If you count carefully you'll find 12 bean bags - 6 in polka dots, and 6 in monkey fabric :)  They're stuffed with polystyrene pellets (from Joanns) so they have a nice little heft to them.  The kids toss them onto the game board and try to score as high as they can - I think they'll have fun :)  

Two mesh drawstring fish shaped bags - I made these for some greats that get to visit warm places more than I do!  I thought they could use these for carrying shells and/or beach toys :)  The tutorial is here - I resized these down to about 75% of the original pattern.  The mesh is from some mesh drawstring bags from a $ store - I can't find them anymore, sadly - this is really nice mesh - firm and plasticy - very easy to stitch!  Need to find more :D

Those projects finish the gift "set" I wanted to make - I have to get everything packed off and mailed ASAP so it arrives in time!  The two fish bags and the drawstring carry bag qualify for Bag It, so I'm off to upload them there - then I have to go clean up my sewing room and get ready for the next project that I need to get done, LOL.  Nothing like leaving things until almost the last minute! 


  1. I haven't seen any things like these before, very cute!

  2. Oh dear! Hope the fabric recovered!! Love the games ideas!

  3. Hope your fabric cleaned up! What a mess...lesson learned! What a neat gift idea! Kids love bean bag toss games. Those fish bags are extraordinary! Great job! I find that whenever I discover something great from the Dollar Store, they stop carrying it.

  4. This id definitely a cautionary tale :) I usually try not to have a drink around my fabrics for just this reason. Of course, it's really easy to just keep my drink on the kitchen counter since I am usually sewing at the table

  5. I'm leaving everything for the last minute! And I'm not cleaning up. So there!
    lol, maybe.
    I think I am on track this year with some little time to spare to make even more last-minute gifts as they occur to me. This is my first year with no kids at home for Christmas so I've been granted a pass on decorating and no tree. Only reason I am ahead.
    I've seen those fishy bags and I'm glad you sized them down as they were huge in the original tutorial.

  6. I love the fish bags! But that monkey game is fantastic! I love that you added the tic tac toe on the back, great idea! The fabric will be fine, but that game is awesome and so are the fish bags! :) You rock girl!

  7. Those fish bags are so cute. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It.


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