Thursday, October 5, 2017

A wee preview ... and some other stuff :D

This is what I have on my sewing table right now - can you figure out what I might be making?  :)  Hint - it's Halloweeny, and a very quick sew :D 

Here are a few Halloween goodies I've finished in the last couple of days - I needed to put a rush on them so I can deliver them to the recipients' grammie this coming weekend when we go home for Thanksgiving with my family :)

Halloween Trick or Treat tote - side 1.  Tote measures 15" wide at the top, 15" tall, and 5" deep.  The fabric is glow in the dark (at least - the package SAID it was - I haven't really tested it!)

Trick or Treat bag - side 2 

Close-up of the skeleton side

Close-up of the skull side

Two Halloween trick or treat bags - the one on the left (9"w X 9"t X 4.5" deep) is the "reject" because I had a brain fart while sewing, and cut the lining the wrong size.  I didn't notice until I was finished, and the lining doesn't fit nicely inside.  This was to be a gift, so I made another one - the one on the right (9 1/2"w X 8"t X 5" deep) - this one worked out much nicer, so it can be gifted :)  

This is the little guy that resulted from the ingredients in the first photo :D  His little spider taggy body measures about 7" across, and the ribbons are slightly gathered, which gives them a bit of texture.   The Crazy Flamingo Lady mug is a gift from my sister (hi Sherry! See you on Saturday!) - I thought it would make a great stand for Spidey, since it's going to her youngest grandson for a Halloween gifty :D

Happily for me, the bonus for my Halloween sewing is that several of these bags qualify for Bag It @ Elm Street Quilts (hi Patty!) :)  The large Halloween tote and the two little baskety bags qualify and will be uploaded to the linky party -- and now my count of bags entered, is 11!


  1. You have sure been making the bags!!! Great job!

  2. Your Halloween projects are so cute! I hope that glow in the dark fabric really works, that would be cool!

  3. Adorable bags. I love that skeletons and skulls fabric.

  4. Adorable bags. I love that skeletons and skulls fabric.

  5. Wonderful halloween bags! Thanks for sharing as part of Elm Street Quilts Bag It.

  6. Those trick or treat totes will hold an impressive amount of sweets Sandra! Glow in the dark too what more could a young trick or treater want :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I love your bags, they are fantastic! That mug made me laugh!!! It's perfect for you! Have a safe and happy holiday! Hugs!

  8. Wonderful halloween bags, but are you going to share a pattern for that adorable spider??!! So cute!!! :)

  9. These are adorable! I was thinking of making some Halloween bags for the little nephews

  10. Those are great, they'll hold lots of candy!!! Love the little taggy spider!

  11. That spider is fun and The skeleton fabric made me smile :)


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