Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lots o Pics :)

Some items have been delivered so I can post pictures :) Here are some items I made for my sister and her daughters for their birthdays. Two charm totes in a sealife pattern (for my nieces), and a batik bag with a paper pieced orchid block (for my sister). There's also a small poppy tabletopper to go in my sister's poppy bedroom.

The two charm totes are from the pattern "Charm Party" designed by Penny Sturges. The batik tote was made "off the top of my head", and the orchid block was from the delicious Claudia Hasenbach in Germany. The poppy pattern is from Regina Grewe - I love her stuff, and will be doing more flowers.

More pics in the next post - I have to go start supper and do some housework, then I can play on the computer some more, LOL.


  1. I love the poppies. I visited Regina's site and it's wonderful - a little rocky on the translation - good thing I know German. Thanks.

  2. Hey - that's my stuff!!

    Ever purty, eh?!?!!!!

    Ever so gawjus!!


  3. Punta Cana bags.... Good luck finding that fabric. Jan 16th is coming quick. *hint*....

  4. Love the totes. I've actually been meaning to try to find that charm party pattern. Looks like fun.


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