Monday, October 27, 2008

Coasters and cat hammocks!

I certainly learned my lesson about adding trim to bibs, LOLOL. I decided to work on something that I was pretty sure would work out nicely - a set of Christmas coasters, and another cage quilt. I'm going through stuff in that laundry basket at a nice pace, but I keep adding new stuff to the basket, so it isn't actually going DOWN! That's OK tho - I know I'm making a dent in my stash AND helping out the kitties and puppers, so I'm happy :)

Speaking of kitties ... my SIL Heather sent me this link yesterday and I fell in LOVE - I have to make one of these to send to the shelter to see if my niece thinks they could use some - if they like it, I'll make more. What an adorable project!


  1. I love those criss cross coasters. My daughter and son each made a set for their school teachers last year as Christmas gifts.

  2. Coasters and bibs how fun. Hey the bibs are for charity, right? I say send them. A couple of them are a little asymetrical but that just might be the ticket.


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