Friday, October 17, 2008

Brocade for Miss Friendly :D

Hehehe more cage quilts - the wine red quilt on the right (18" square) is for a bitchy special kitty - cousin to my Zoomer - she's not the friendliest cat around *hiss* *hiss* *arched back* *scratch* *hiss*, but she's gorgeous and S & S love her, so now she has a quilt with her initial on it :D Red brocadey fabric is from Aunt Heather, so this is a collaborative effort! I don't think the recipient reads this blog so I'm pretty safe in posting the picture :D The other quilt (the 13 X 20 rust one on the left) is another cage quilt for the shelter.

Here's the basket full of scraps and odds and ends and old linens that I gathered up from my studio - I'm trying to use up the whole basket before I go shopping for anything new. Not sure I'll succeed, but I'm sure trying! None of the scraps for Hissy's quilt came from that basket, but the rust quilt used up a 1/3 metre piece of fabric and 3 old dishcloths that had seen better days!

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  1. Those creature quilts are a great idea! And that special one is super. Very elegant for a kitty! :-)


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