Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Makers! #9 :)

Oh my - fancy me being on the ball and posting this on Monday instead of Tuesday, LOL!

Last week I started a backpack - it was a trial run to see if I liked the pattern.  It worked out OK, but I'm not thrilled with it.  I did make a major change in the pattern - I quilted the outer pieces onto batting - that changed worked out well, and my quilting looks quite lovely (IIDSSM) :)  Unfortunately the snap closure (I only had black - it would have been so much nicer in white!) doesn't work right - I can't get it open - a small piece inside cracked when I was trying to put the 2 pieces together, and I'm not sure I can get it to work *ughhh*.  I think I'd like to try a different backpack pattern next - I'm just not in love with this design.  I'd like the straps to be adjustable, I'd like a tab on the back so it can be hung on a hook, it could use a pocket or two, and I'd really REALLY like to have the lining fit better :D 

I was busy today so I didn't have much time to sew - I did start a new project for week #9, using a craft supply I've never tried before - duct tape!   I got a roll of tape @ the $ store - for 2 bucks I get to play with something new :D  This will hopefully end up being a kiddy wallet!  :)

And one last photo - this is a pouch I made for my SIL - she wanted a bag made with fabric related to walking, to hold her techy toys for her walks :D  I didn't have walking fabric per se, but did find these in stash - they're Laurie Wisbrun prints, lol.  The finished bag measures 9"w x 7"t x 2.5"w - as per her request :D  The measuring tape tab on the side is a reminder of the miles/kms she walks :)  I think she liked it - who wouldn't like donkeys in rainboots, LOL!

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  1. I like your quilted exterior but sorry to hear about the pattern and broken closure. Donkeys are great!

  2. Donkeys in boots - love it!!! Interested to see how you use duct tape with fabric. Definitely looks different to the silver duct tape Mr TMW uses.

  3. I really like how the quilting detail gives form to the backpack. So sorry to hear the clasp is broken - what a bummer! I have seen duct tape wallets, and I hope you have fun making yours!

  4. I love the donkey in rain boots. I want some scraps of donkeys in rain boots.
    The backpack is a disappointing thing, but I love that fabric. (Did I give it to you?)
    Good on you for doing a trial run. As you know, this is something I don't do (and really should). But at least you know what worked and doesn't. Honestly, you are talented, even what you consider not quite right is really rather lovely. <3

  5. that donkey fabric is hilarious! Hope she didn't think you were calling her a donkey! I think the backpack looks pretty good - is it a selective photo?

  6. Actually, the bag looks great. Why not adjusting the pattern to include all those that you would like to see in the pattern? Oh, I am sooo in love with those donkeys!!! Thank you for linking up with me!

  7. It's all about the donkeys in rainboots :) Super cute.....again!


  8. How annoying about that closure. The back pack is beautiful though so I hope you can fix it. And I love the donkeys - perfect walking companions :)

  9. How funny - I "arrived" on your blog via An from mANdarien, and guess what ? Last summer she gave me a zip pouch as a present, made from.... that same donkeys-with-wellies fabric ! Strange coincidence...
    Ps lovely blog you have here !!


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