Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday Makers! #10 :)

Last week I decided to try a duct tape project - I hadn't worked with duct tape before, but judging by the pins I see online, it looked like it would be a fun craft. And - it is :D My first one was rather wonky so I kept adding layers of duct tape to hide my mistakes, HAHA. I also discovered that while you CAN sew a zipper to duct tape, it really does gum up your needle and requires frequent cleaning of said needle :D  Next time around I'll try alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the needle - I read somewhere that it will help with the gumminess :) 

Here's the zipper pull I added - I thought the skeleton was rather appropriate ;)
I recently bought a book called Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes, because it had a monster backpack in it.  The book, despite the crappy pictures in the Amazon preview, is chalk full of fun and kitschy projects, so it turned out to be a great buy :)  The pattern pages are awful, though - two monstrous sheets of paper with pattern pieces overlaid on each other - dreadful.  The instructions don't tell you what to cut for each bag, or which pieces to use, nor are they very detailed.  I certainly wouldn't recommend the book to a beginner, but someone with some sewing knowledge would be able to figure things out.  This is officially my project for Monday Makers! #10 :)  It's going to be way too big for the little kids I want to make backpacks for, so I'll trial run the large version, then I'll probably shrink the pattern by 25(ish?)% for the kidlings.  Hopefully I like it better than the one I posted about last week, LOL.   A few more pics:

Bag top - outside (quilted) and lining (interfaced)
My new book - VERY cute projects!
I'm doing a simple version of the monster bag on the left - mine won't be reversible. 
Posting to Monday Makers! #10 :)


  1. I love that monster! Can't wait to see yours. I'll leave the duct tape to you...

  2. whilst I agree that is a very cool backpack, I can't agree with the title of a book that contains it being "Sewing Stylish Handbags and Totes". Cute and cool, yes. Stylish, no!

  3. Love the bag on the front cover, too. The monsters are adorable!

  4. I'd love to raid your stash of zipper pulls. You must have ones for every imaginable theme. The zippered duct tape bag looks great, but I don't think I'd cope with gumming up my needle.

  5. I look forward to the finished monster backpack. It looks so cute!!!


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