Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday Makers! #8 :)

Hehehe another Monday Makers being posted on Tuesday - the Tuesday timing seems to work well for me :D 

Here's the project I started for week #7 - I got it completed a few days ago.  It's part of my 3rd (and final) shark gift set, and will be a Christmas present.   I posted about it here

This is my project for week #8 - an Edan backpack (NAYY) from I Think Sew - I want to make a couple of these for Christmas gifts so I need to do a trial run first, to check out sizing etc.  The original is lined, but I'm going to quilt the outside of mine for extra body, so I need to make sure everything works with my change ;)  I got some adorable fabric on the weekend for the gift versions - Smurfs (from the Ogdensburg NY Walmart) and pretty owls (Ogdensburg Joanns) - they should work well for the backpacks :)

Here's shark gift set #2 that I finished recently - it has now been packed up and will be delivered to the recipient in the next few weeks.  The set consists of a pillowcase (top), stuffy, measuring tape bag, cookie cutter, book, pencil box, stickers and water squirters - I think this is a pretty cute gift for a 3 year old :) 
One last finish from last week - a Halloween pillowcase that I need to mail today so it's recipient gets it before Halloween - I hope (s)he likes it ;)

Posting to Monday Makers #8 :)


  1. Not only cute, the shark gift set is COOL. I really must put more time into finding themed presents to go with what I sew.

  2. I want a shark gift set too! But it has to be a cross-eyed shark LOL

  3. Who wouldn't be overjoyed to receive a lovely giftie from you? You put so much love into what you do :)

  4. Again such a nice shark gift set ! The applique is wonderful ! And the stuffed shark is so cute !! Funny fabric of the pillow case ! The backpacks will be great !
    Hihi, and I'd like to be your neighbour too, I think we would have a lot of fun :-))

  5. Great Tuesday Makers post! Love the shark gift set, it will be perfect for a 3-year old. I can't believe you managed to find shark shaped zip pulls!


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