Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday Makers! Week #4 :)

It's a good thing Nurdan started this Monday Makers linky program - it seems to be the only time I get a chance to blog!  Party #4 is here :)

Last week I posted that I was going to work on a music themed composition book cover.   Here's the completed cover - it was hard to photograph as my first TWO sets of pics had to be ditched due to wrinkles or bad background colour :D  Lesson learned - bright red fleece may not be ideal for some photographs :D

Here's the first item I'm going to work on for week 4 - scraps from a set of fabrics I purchased years ago and have used in several projects.  These are the last bits I have left - I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, but I'll be very glad when I don't have to look at them any more :D  These will be patchworked to make 2 or 3 zipper bags for Blue Hills :) 

This is a future measuring tape/snap bag featuring sharks - there will be an applique shark on the outside, and the lining is the cute shark print from Joanns.  This will be part of a Christmas gift :)

As always - thanks Nurdan for the gentle online kick in the butt - it sure works on ME, lolol!

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  1. I really like how the composition book cover turned out! The measuring tape snap bags work so well, my mother made me one a few years ago for traveling with my Olfa rotary cutter!

  2. The book cover looks great Sandra! It looks like the book came with that cover, doesn't look like it was added later. Wonderful! Also, thank you very much for linking up with Monday Makers! I am glad the gentle kick in the bum works for you. LOL

  3. I like the music themed book cover and of course you are working on more sharks :)

  4. great book cover. Why are you using red fleece as a background? What's wrong with your furnace, surely it's got at least 3 pink polka dots on it now?

  5. Red is a really hard colour to photograph... well, I think so. Looking forward to seeing the shark bag. I love how you are able to keep a theme going with both the lining and outside of a project.

  6. You are always so busy love your things. I assure those who receive love them too. Patty pat

  7. Your covers are lovely! I like the Monday Makers idea - great way to start the week :)

  8. Lovely covers and good that your using up scraps.


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