Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Makers #2

Monday Makers #2 - hosted by Nurdan @ Hug-a-Bit Quilts - is now up, and I have a few things to post :D

Here's my post for week #1 - I started 3 different projects - a D9P quilt, a set of 3 superhero capes, and a cross-stitched-fox-embellished zipper bag.  The D9P quilt is now underway - 3 of 9 blocks assembled, but no photo as the basement is so dark I couldn't get a decent picture.

The fox zipper pouch is completed, but I ran into problems --- the XS design was too small when stitched on 14ct. waste canvas, and not having done cross-stitch in quite a while, I made every newbie mistake in the world, haha.  Next one will go better - I have some 8.5ct waste cloth coming from Amazon :D  I'm happy it's done, and it's still cute, despite it's imperfections :D

The superhero capes were all finished as well - they were posted here, modelled by DS1.  It has been suggested that he could have done a Superman pose to model them - we'll do that next time, LOL.

Projects for Monday Makers #2 --- SHARKS!   On the left is a denim Bedbuggs shark stuffy that's been traced onto denim and is ready to stitch up.  I'm changing up the eyes - I found cool resin sew-on eyes on Etsy and they work perfectly for this guy.   I also started another zipper pouch that will be embellished with a shark applique - hopefully I math better this time around compared to last time, LOL!

Posting to Monday Makers #2 :)

P.S.  I reuploaded the fox bag picture because the original one was pretty darn bad - hopefully the new one is a bit better, but I don't have a really good camera, and I'm a crappy photographer anyways :D  This new picture has a bonus on it - we had a GREEN!! visitor while I had the zippy on the fence :D


  1. I love the fox pouch Sandra! It is super cute! Have you thought about publishing your photos a little bigger? I would like to see the details better. And thank you very much for linking up! I am looking forward to seeing the finished shark. I can see it will be very cute. I might make one for my boy too :)

  2. I think the fox pouch is lovely! I can see that a bigger fox will also look good, but I like this mini version too. It looks great to me, but it shouldn't be perfect anyway as most foxes are raggedy old creatures anyway!

  3. I love the fox pouch!! It is awesome, great zipper pull too! I love all your projects! LOL@ green visitor! :)

  4. Oh man so many cute things - looks like you're sewing for me, too! Loved the post of ds modeling the capes lol!

  5. The fox pouch looks great... nothing wrong with small. It looks effective. Love the stitching on the back, too.

  6. The fox pouch is super cute. I love the cute little cross stitched foxy. I haven't cross stitched in a very long time. You have inspired me to pick up my flosses and hoops again.

  7. I think the little fox is perfect and the capes are fun :)

  8. Love that little fox and the pull, too. I like the little green beast, but prefer that it stay at your house.

    I am so looking forward to getting some sewing going once the new lawn issues --watering 3 times a day with the heat here--are done. We're also going to do a beachy trip soon that will be well worth missing the sewing room.


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