Thursday, August 28, 2014

I forgot how to math :D

Here's the shark zipper pouch I finished up today - a new to me project :)  When I saw this shark applique pillow tutorial it occurred to me that the applique would be great on a zipper bag as well :D  Other than the bad math that had me cutting the denim too small (and the fact that I forgot to give him eyes!) it worked out pretty well :)  I didn't applique any of the fins down - they're attached to the body, but flapping in the wind (a nice touch, if I do say so myself) :)  I'm not going to give this one as a Christmas gift because it's not quite as nice as I would like ... plus he's occularly challenged - the next one will be properly scaled and eyed ;)

And another new-to-me project - I tried this pattern a few days ago - it worked out rather well, however it came with a side order of gumminess due to a problem with my iron, LOL.  I put on my big girl panties and tried again ... and again .... and again and again and again and again and again.  With much success ;)  I use the tutorial pattern, but I don't really follow her directions - I do it my own way.  Each one has a different charm - great way to bust charm and zipper stash, hehe.  These will be Christmas gifts, and I'll tuck a box of crayons or a box of pencil crayons into each :)   Not sure if I'm supposed to use these as I don't tweet or FB, so I'll just copy and paste  @CrazyLittleProjects #SewCrazyChallenge :)

One last photo - a couple of Michelle Patterns Zip Pocket Pouches (phone pouch size) I finished earlier this month - I love this pattern, and have put these two in the Christmas gift box :)

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  1. Oh, the total cuteness of those crayon pouches! Perfect idea. Love, love, love! Hope you don't mind but I pinned them to my "Sewing for Kids" board. Thanks so much for linking up to Ho, Ho, Ho and On We Sew! :)

  2. Ooooh, these crayon pouches are so cute ! They're so nice all together in those different colours ! They're also on my pinboard.
    And surely I love the shark pouch with the fins flapping in the wind ! It's so funny !
    You did a good job as well with the other zip pocket pouches. They're also on my To Do-list :-)
    Hug from Belgium !

  3. An occularly challenged shark?? That's a new one on me Sandra :)

    Love the crayon pouches too, you are definitely a human dynamo with all these gifts!

  4. You are a patient lady!!! Love the crayon zippered pouches. Great idea not to sew the fins down on the shark.


  5. THAT SHARK IS SWELL AND those crayon bags are just too cute for words!!! I like the pattern pouches but my fav is going to be the shark bags, love the idea of leaving the fins waving. Could you do other fish too? Have a great day!!!
    Hugs, Mickie

  6. Well you certainly are getting a good head start on Christmas. I love your shark pouch even if he is blind and the pencil cases will be loved by the kids. I've made Michelle's wallet, really handy but I just can't get the hang of opening the right way up. I'm used to the tab opening at the top.

  7. Wow. I'll be you could fill a warehouse with all the projects you complete! You are a machine!!! So fun and so cute!

  8. Brilliant! Love the sharks and the Pencil Pencil cases are just genius

  9. Fun projects Sandra! That fin is great detail!


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