Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My son is a very good sport :)

I've been working on one of my Monday Makers! projects - a set of 3 superhero capes (a birthday gift for neighbour's 3 squirtles).  My friend Wendy asked if my son Nick would be modelling them, and I thought it was a brilliant idea, so I mentioned it to him in an email.  Guess who showed up on my doorstep tonight, straight from work?  Yep, my ginger-haired electrician, ready to model for mom and Auntie Wendy - he's such a good kid (yep, 25 is still a kid to old mom :D)!

Fabric = Lloyds and Barton for Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Inc. - Pattern # BART-C 7504, purchased from Fat Quarter Shop (1+ years ago)

Monkeys cape - size 4

No fabric name or info on selvage - purchased from Joanns 1+ years ago

Dinosaurs cape - size 4

No fabric info on selvage other than the name "Doodles".  Fabric is from Joanns (purchased 1+ years ago).

Construction vehicle cape (size 6)

He's hamming it up in the pictures - he's not actually mad, nor is he downtrodden, LOL.  He's just a good sport :) 


  1. He is a good sport!!! So much easier to see the capes when they're modelled. They look fabulous, especially the construction vehicles. Love that fabric.

  2. Total Super Hero :) What a great son. I love it!!!

  3. LOL... what a character! Wonder where he gets that trait from... hmmm???? ;o)

  4. Give that boy a hug Sandra he deserves it :)

  5. Sorry, can't concentrate on the capes, I'm too busy giggling at nick! He' s brilliant. If I weren't married and old enough to be his grandma (almost) I'd snap him up!

  6. GQ should be calling Nick any day now. The sunglasses are sooo superhero!

  7. I was looking for some Superman poses :) There is room for improvement! Make some more, lol.


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