Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not a good start for the tart!

When I unrolled the puff pastry package, this is what I found - uh oh!  I sprinkled it with parmesan and pressed it together as much as I could :D 

Here's Mr. Tart ready to go into the oven -- I gave it a little rim around the outside edges in case the tomatoes got juicy in the oven :D

After baking for 25 minutes :)  The tears that I sealed, came apart in the oven - I guess I didn't press them firmly enough.  The tart looks fantastic though - hard to believe it was so easy to make something that looks that cool!

I obviously had to taste it before serving it to my family - just in case!  ;)  It.  Is.  Delicious.  3 ingredients - under 10 minutes prep - pretty enough to serve to company - this just went onto my favourites Pinterest board, lol!


  1. I think I have about 3 recipes on Pinterest... that's how much I DON'T enjoy it. Wish I did and don't tell me it's easy... LOL!!! Over here, a tart has a totally different meaning.. nothing to do with cooking.

  2. 3 ingredients and under 10 minutes in the making, sounds like a winner to me!

  3. That look delicious! Easy and quick means that even I can do it. Off to pin this one.

  4. Looks delicious. I need you as my neighbour, I hate cooking no matter how easy and quick it is.


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