Monday, August 11, 2014

Bugs, fish, robots and a shark - so many fun fabrics and patterns :)

This was a nature walk bag set I posted last month ...

...and here's the drawstring bag I made to hold the set - it measures 13.5w x 16t x 3.5d :)  Gift ready for Christmas - check!

I pinned a cute bag a while ago from, and decided to try my own version - this is the result :D  Now that I have a template drafted, I can make this in nice fabric instead of "use up the last bits of this stuff" fabric :D  It measures about 5.5w x 13.5t :)

Quilted notebook cover - check out the quilting design on the front!  I did QAYG matchstick quilting, then decided to colour outside of the lines ;)  LOVE how it turned out!

My first bedbuggs shark stuffy - he was supposed to be part of a Christmas gift but I got a little aggressive with my iron and left an iron mark around the back fin - oops!  Will make another one for the gift, and consider this guy as my trial run, lol.  He measures about 14w x 9t (including fins) :)


  1. These look like such fun things to make. I like your fish fabric and that shark looks so cheeky.

  2. You are certainly on a roll Sandra, that shark stuffy is awesome :)

  3. as usual lots of fun things... I do like that snarly shark!

  4. Where do I start with today's post? What a FUN soft toy that shark is. Such a shame you got right to the end and then left a mark from the iron. Awesome quilting on the notebook cover and fabulous fabric. The little fishy bag is cute and nothing wrong with the fabric. And lastly, where do you find all these fabrics to perfectly match the cool gifts you give? I need to come with you on your trips to purchase fabric... LOL!!! I'll just hop on a plane... very economical.

  5. Oh my gosh! YOu inspire me to get busy with some Christmas gifties!!! LOVE your fabric choices and I have a grandson who has been hounding me for a Shark......


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